The Books of Magic: Curiosity Kills, Epilogue: De Sade’s Wife

by CSyphrett, with Martin Maenza

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Joshua Cantrell had spent four days of a five-day sentence in detention with Mrs. Peel. During the first day, he was subjected to two hours learning that it hurt to get thrown to the ground repeatedly. The second day had been fencing, and he had learned that it hurt to be slapped with the flat of a blade repeatedly. The third day had been spent chasing golf balls in Mrs. Cable’s natural area. The fourth day he had learned that it hurt trying to dodge tennis balls for two hours.

One more day, and he was free. No more sadistic torture for me, he thought and then frowned. It’s unfair, really. Hunter got one day with Adam Frankenstein at the bestiary. After that, the first-year was back in class. Josh got a week with de Sade’s wife. Where was the justice?

Josh sniffed the air. A rotten odor had invaded the air close to the gym where he waited for his daily dose of punishment. He looked around. Where was that stench coming from?

Mrs. Emma Peel came around the corner of the gym, wearing her customary black athletic clothes, a tank with a sprayer, and a gas mask over her lovely face.

“You have five seconds to start running, young man.”

Continued in The Books of Magic: Ride a Black Horse

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