The Books of Magic: Changeling Unmasked, Epilogue: Taking Leave

by CSyphrett and Martin Maenza

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The week flew by for Abby Cable as she went about her duties, gradually discarding the cane as her strength grew. She had led a momentous life so far, and the place that had seemed such a refuge had its own burden to lay on both teachers and students alike. It was hard to work in a place that was a piece taken from an eternal prison that she had once barely escaped from with the help of Alec. (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See “The Brimstone Ballet,” Saga of the Swamp Thing #31 (December, 1984) and “Down Amongst the Dead Men,” Swamp Thing v2 Annual #2 (1985).]

Abby took one last walk around the campus grounds as she had on the first day she had arrived. She smiled at memories invoked by the places she visited. Finally, she arrived at Memorial Park and regarded the statues there. They seemed almost to be watching her with different expressions than those they had worn on the first day.

Were they disappointed in her? Did they understand the emotional quagmire she was in? How could they? They were just statues.

“Hello, Mrs. Cable,” said Headmaster Gallowglass, striding into the park. “Have you made your decision yet?”

“I’m going to leave, Mr. Gallowglass,” said Abby. “I’m sorry. Discovering how this island came to be has made me realize that I have been running from my problems. I haven’t even been able to see Matt in the hospital like I should, not even when I took that furlough.”

“I understand,” said Gallowglass. “When would you like to leave?”

“As soon as you can arrange it, I guess,” Abby said.

“Let’s go over to the clock room,” said Gallowglass, gesturing with his hand. “I believe Mr. Belmont can place you right on your doorstep.”

“My clothes and things?” Abby asked.

“Should already be there,” said Gallowglass.

They went to the tower, slipping inside. Belmont could be heard grumbling about the state of his precious clock room, and irresponsible women, and kids run amuck, from the top of the building.

Abby smiled at the diatribe as they went upstairs to talk to the old man about using the interface to transport her around the world to be at her husband’s side and wait for her love to return.

Continued in Swamp Thing: Reversal of Fortune

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