Black Canary and Hawkwoman: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Epilogue: The Boys

by HarveyKent

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After the Secret Sorority of Super-Villainesses had been taken prisoner by the Star City Police, Black Canary and Hawkwoman changed back to their civilian identities of Dinah Lance and Shiera Hall and returned to Ollie and Dinah’s apartment. “Think the boys have come to blows while we were gone?” Dinah asked.

“We’ll probably find they’ve knocked each other out,” Shayera said. “I just hope the furniture survived!”

When the women entered the apartment, they found Ollie Queen alone on the sofa, watching television. On the screen, a young man with a scope-sight rifle was taking aim at an elderly Boris Karloff. “Ollie,” Katar Hol’s voice came from the kitchen, “where did you say the salt substitute was?”

“Cupboard over the stove, middle shelf,” Ollie called back. “Want some help?

“No, I’ve got it,” Katar called.

“Ollie?” Dinah said. Ollie turned around, grinning at the women.

“Hey, you’re back!” Ollie said. “Katar, the ladies are back!” he called. “Where’d you go?”

“Oh, just… out for some air,” Shayera said. “What’s going on?”

“Well, after you left,” Ollie said, “Katar challenged me about the Targets question. And wouldn’t you know, it was on cable tonight!”

“We started to watch it,” Katar said, coming into the living room with a large bowl of popcorn. “It’s an excellent film, a fascinating character study.”

“Yeah, we’ve been into it,” Ollie said. “It’s almost over, though. Sorry you missed it, gals!”

“We’re sorry we drove you out with our arguing,” Katar said, taking his wife’s hand. “We’ll try to be more civil from now on.”

“Yeah, we promise,” Ollie said as Dinah sat down in his lap.

“Ollie,” Dinah said, teasing his beard with her index fingertip, “don’t make promises you can’t keep!”

The End

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