Captain Comet’s Rehab Squad: The Return of Supergirl, Chapter 2: Transitions

by Libbylawrence

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Morgan Edge called Lana Lang into his office, and he coughed nervously, averting his eyes. The pretty redhead finally asked him, “Morgan, to what do I owe the pleasure, luv?”

“Lana, I — I’ll be blunt,” he said, deciding to just get it all out. “Your contract is up, and we’re not going to renew it. We’re going with a new anchor with a younger demographical appeal.” He reached out his hand, smiled, and said, “Thanks for your work over the years.”

Stunned, Lana glanced down at Edge’s extended hand and looked back up at his face. “I’ve done great work!” she screamed. “Clark and I are a real team!

“When Clark gets back from sick leave, he’ll like your replacement as well,” declared Edge. “You already know Cat Grant, our up-and-coming news journalist. Great legs, great hair, killer smile. That’s what GBS needs now.” Morgan Edge smiled what he intended to be a fatherly smile but which merely looked condescending, and he placed one arm around her shoulder. “It’s the ’80s, honey. I’m afraid you’re old hat.”

Without another word, Lana turned on her heels, then slammed the door and marched out tearfully. She couldn’t understand why Morgan Edge had fired her without giving her any real reason. But she wasn’t about to take this sitting down. Clark may have meekly accepted his brief dismissal last summer during the Crisis, but Lana was a fighter, and she vowed to take Edge to court for wrongful dismissal.

Entering her office, she noticed a letter and opened it up. It read:

Ms. Lang, Would you be interested in talking with me about a possible job as PR agent for the government’s Meta-Human Rehabilitation Agency? We would love to work with a broadcaster with your talents and experience with the super-hero scene.

Sincerely, Rick Flag, Executive Director of the MHRA.

A smile broke through her tears. She was genuinely touched, but she wasn’t about to give up on her old job that quickly. “Sorry, Mr. Flag, but I believe Lana Lang’s got a date with her lawyer.”


Captain Comet was upset with himself. He blamed himself for the death of Killer Moth. Even if Moth wasn’t truly dead, he had made good an escape. Either way, Adam Blake felt a sense of guilt. And it wasn’t just Killer Moth; he was also troubled that the mixed-up persona he sensed in Thorn had refused his offer of help, and he had neglected for too long now to work with young Will Payton — the new Starman — to determine the source of his abilities.

He’d have to do better. He vowed to follow up on these loose ends as soon as possible. He was pleased with the performance of Debbi Domaine (the Cheetah) and Lisa Snart (Golden Glider), although Lisa’s amorous actions toward him were both annoying and yet also strangely pleasing.

He watched Mayflower working out in the gym. The British girl was spunky and did well as a team player, thanks to her time in the Force of July. It was too bad that she had lacked better guidance growing up. She smiled at him and completed an acrobatic twist. Very nice, thought Comet.


Dolphin was happy in her whirlwind romance with Starman. He was funny, caring, and yet also sensitive. Everything about him appealed to her, as did their common mysterious origins. A ray from the sky had made him a hero, but no one knew what had made her a heroine. Aliens? Mad science? Magic? She looked in the mirror at the pink dress she now wore. Wearing pretty clothes, hose, heels, and make-up was new to her. She had been a wandering child of the ocean for so many years, that it was nice to feel like a woman.

“Ready?” asked Will Payton as he knocked at her door.

“Oh, yes! I just hope this dancing will not make me look like a fish out of water, as they say,” she teased.

“You are a beautiful naiad that anyone would love to catch,” he replied.

“Just don’t call me the catch of the day,” she laughed.


Arisia of the Green Lantern Corps had been downcast to learn that Hal Jordan, Earth’s first Green Lantern, was away with the revitalized Justice League of America when she returned to the Green Lantern Citadel. Ch’p, John Stewart, and Katma Tui were absent from the Green Lantern Citadel as well, and neither Kilowog nor Salaak were particularly surprised by her changed appearance, probably because all humanoids looked the same to them. The pretty young woman had been dying to have Hal and the others see and respond to her new maturity. She did look wonderful, having a natural flair for fashion and looking even more gorgeous in her new uniform than she had before.

She wondered at the odd behavior of the rescued Supergirl. The blonde beauty was oddly disjointed and cool, even though by all accounts the Maid of Steel possessed a caring, girlish personality. Still, the Crisis on Infinite Earths was enough to rattle even the most level-headed hero.

Arisia had decided to stay around the Rehab Squad for a few days until her Green Lantern allies returned to the Citadel. She admired Rick Flag’s grit, and Karin Grace was a doll. There was something odd about Rip Hunter, however; since their return from the future, he had seemed a different and more likeable, easy-going man.

Karin loved the new battlesuit. She could fly, generate energy blasts, and had a force field. She could really get close to Captain Comet with her super-powers. Plus, the star-band she had found seemed so alluring with its siren call of power and ancient secrets. She kept it hidden beneath a white glove of the battle suit. “Goldstar — that’s my new name,” she decided.

As for Supergirl herself, she had remained out of sight at first, avoiding Comet in particular. She waited until night to go out and sped at top speed as a blur through the sky. She scanned the buildings with ease and located an occupied apartment using an address she had copied from Flag’s files secretly from a distance.

A man slept in a lush room. A glowing gem, a ruby rested even as he slept with it on his handsome head. She stood over him and chanted oddly, then absorbed a degree of magical energy from the Ruby of Life. She fled before the theft could awaken John Sargent, the man called Sargon the Sorcerer.

A second night visit found the heroine draining energy from a pretty woman in an old mansion. Near her bed was a poster from stage days showing the sleeper in fishnets and a female version of a tuxedo. Again, the suddenly empowered Supergirl fled before she could awaken Zatanna.


Colonel Rick Flag, director of the Meta-Human Rehabilitation Agency, smiled as Captain Comet entered his office. He said, “I have a few more ideas for that publicist job that is open, now that Flashman is gone. I’ve been writing to several journalists and broadcasters for consideration.”

“I’ve heard Lana Lang was recently let go from GBS,” said Captain Comet. “She would be good.”

“Very!” Flag agreed. “But I doubt we can get her, so I’ll set up some other choices, too.”

“Good idea,” said Comet. “How about Cat Grant? She’s new, but good.”

“Hmmm,” replied Flag. “It’s always worth a try.” But he had a strange feeling it wasn’t going to be that simple.

As Captain Comet left Flag’s office and walked through the hallways of the MHRA, he soon stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a strange sight. Supergirl, newly rescued days ago and living at the center for now, was scanning Flag’s files hurriedly. “What are you doing?” he asked her.

The pretty blonde turned and said, “Just checking on the status of some of my old foes. Don’t want them to get an advantage over me,” she said, brushing by the Captain.

Odd, I thought her eyes were blue, not brown, he thought as he switched off the computer and closed a file cabinet.

The name on the screen was Faust, Felix, and his location was a prison. Supergirl flew to that prison and easily entered unseen. She hovered above the sleeping Faust and drained mystic energy from him as he dozed unaware. Soon, my love, I shall bring you back as well, she mused.

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