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Times Past

Secret Origins: The Global Guardians: Times Past, 1982: Heroes of the World, Unite!

by Doc Quantum and Martin Maenza, based on Super Friends #7-9 by E. Nelson Bridwell
published November 8, 2003

When a pair of alien twins arrives warning of a menace from space, the world’s greatest super-heroes must unite to save the planet from utter destruction! But can even the Global Guardians stop twelve super-bombs from killing the world? Meanwhile, a hopeful young hero wants to be the next top super-hero, but what price will he have to pay? Guest starring the Justice League of America and the Batmen of All Nations! And introducing Triumph and the Wonder Twins!

Late 1985 to 1986

Showcase: The Crimson Fox: Working Girl

by Libbylawrence
published March 10, 2000

The Crimson Fox owes billionaire Simon Stagg a debt, and to pay it off, she is forced to track down a gang that tried to kidnap his daughter Sapphire. She and a group of newfound allies soon find trouble in Central City and even more peril in Gorilla City! Guest starring the Outsiders and Jimmy Olsen, and introducing the crime-fighter known as Argus!

The Conglomerate: Funeral for a Friend

published July 6, 2001

As the Conglomerate pays its last respects to the Beetle, the team wonders if it still has a future together. Meanwhile, what plans does Catherine Cobert have for the JLA, and what is Maxwell Lord up to?

The Conglomerate: Conglomeration and Amalgamation

published May 7, 2002

With the Conglomerate in disarray, a white knight swoops in to give the team a second chance by giving them a new headquarters — the Bunker in Detroit formerly used by the Justice League. But when the team finds itself down to just four members, how can they carry on? Meanwhile, Catherine Cobert is building a new international team of her own, but how will this affect the Conglomerate? Featuring a battle with the Injustice League, and introducing Booster Gold! Guest starring the JLA!

Super-Team Family: Goose Egg Hour

A Crisis of Infinite Animals crossover

by Steed703 and Doc Quantum
published February 17, 2001

Buddy Baker is just out shopping with his wife when a giant frog attacks Los Angeles! And who should come to his aid but a walking, talking turtle? Will any member of his team even believe his story long enough to help them stop the menace of Frogzilla in its tracks? Don’t miss this titanic team-up of Animal Man and Guy Gardner of the Conglomerate of Earth-One, and Fastback and Yankee Poodle of the Zoo Crew of Earth-C!

The Brave and the Bold: Aqualad and Mermaid: Guppy Love

by Libbylawrence
published April 28, 2001

Aqualad and the Global Guardian called Mermaid fight a variety of foes in her homeland of Denmark, and find a little something else in the process.

The Brave and the Bold: Jack O’Lantern and Guy Gardner: Fear Itself

by PDebord
published January 24, 2005

An epidemic of madness has hit Ireland, and Jack O’Lantern knows that only one of the brave and honest members of the Green Lantern Corps can help save the nation. Instead he got Guy Gardner. Can this unlikely pair overcome their differences in time to stop the Scarecrow?

The Paladins: Albion’s Call, Book 1: Agents of CINEMA

by Brian K. Asbury
published August 10, 2001

When a strange series of murders seems to have the hallmarks of an alien plot behind it, Britain’s heroes must unite to combat it. But are they ready to join an ongoing team called the Paladins? Featuring Godiva, the new Knight and the Squire, and Cameo! Guest starring Adam Strange, Vril Dox, and Kilowog!

Showcase: The Beefeater: What’s Your Beef?

by Brian K. Asbury
published August 5, 2001

Is the Beefeater a hero or a zero? Britain’s unlikeliest would-be champion of justice fights to convince the world of his heroic qualities — but does the world know something he doesn’t?

Showcase: The Crimson Fox: If Looks Could Kill

by Libbylawrence
published September 21, 2001

When twin sisters Constance and Vivian d’Aramis — who share the identity of the French heroine, the Crimson Fox — discover their company has been robbed, they seek their lost assets in Gotham City. There they thwart the plans of two villains, all the while looking mahh-velous!


The Paladins: Albion’s Call, Book 2: The Company of Fenris

by Brian K. Asbury
published October 30, 2001

A team of unlikely meta-human misfits is recruited by an alien menace to destroy Britain’s new team of heroes. Are the Paladins ready to face the fearsome Company of Fenris? Featuring the rebirth of the Bowman of Britain!

Secret Origins: Godiva: Bad Hair Day

by Brian K. Asbury
published November 8, 2001

What is the tragic secret behind the origin of Godiva, the world’s most tonsorially advantaged super-heroine? We can guarantee you’ve never had a bad hair day like this one! Guest starring Hawkman!

The Paladins: Albion’s Call, Book 3: Dominion

by Brian K. Asbury
published March 20, 2002

The Paladins and their allies venture behind the Iron Curtain to take on the Dominion threat in Count Vertigo’s nation of Vlatava. Although a force-field keeps the team at bay, it’s only a matter of time before they find a way break through. But if they do, will they be playing into the Dominators’ hands? Guest starring Salaak of the Green Lantern Corps and the Rocket Red Brigade!

The Paladins: A Knight’s Tale

by Brian K. Asbury
published April 2, 2002

To rescue his predecessor and mentor, the new Knight must battle his former best friend — Lionheart! But what secret has Perry Redhawk been carrying since the Crisis on Infinite Earths that will shock Richard Plante to his very core, if he will only listen?

Showcase: Sunburst: A Star Reborn

by CSyphrett
published March 15, 2002

Sunburst, the sometime hero of Japan, is back from the dead and back in action. Could this be a natural reaction of his solar-powered body, or is he a Night Force of one? Guest starring Baron Winters.

The Brave and the Bold: The Beefeater and G’nort: Where’s the Beef?

by Brian K. Asbury
published July 3, 2002

The Beefeater is missing, believed to be shanghaied into space, and a certain canine Green Lantern has something to do with it! The Beefeater and G’nort, along with hapless bystander Colin Privet, soon find themselves under the thrall of intergalactic trader Lord Manga Khan! Will this intrepid group of nitwits ever find their way out of this mess, or will Earth pay the price for their incompetence?

The Brave and the Bold: Doctor Light and Sunburst: Blades of Darkness

by CSyphrett
published April 10, 2002

A family squabble between the Shadow Swordsman and his equally villainous sister leads to a final showdown with the resurrected Sunburst. Meanwhile, Doctor Light searches for the truth behind her friend’s return from the dead, but will she be able to accept the truth? Guest starring Baron Winters and John Constantine, Hellblazer.

Showcase: The Bushrangers: Call the Dogs of War

by Addar Norton
published August 23, 2002

When strange spaceships appear over the cities of Australia, three new super-heroes from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne race to find out who or what they are! Introducing Austar, the Roo, and Reef — the Bushrangers!

Manhunter: Déjà Vu

by Libbylawrence
published August 22, 2002

When his stepfather is kidnapped while on a trip to Paris, Mark Shaw is forced to fight not only a French super-villain, but also his own troubled past as Manhunter, the Privateer, and the Star-Tsar! Can this tarnished hero begin a new heroic career in a new land? Guest starring Fleur-de-Lis!

Secret Origins: Fleur-de-Lis: Death’s Head Revisited

by Libbylawrence
published October 5, 2002

When Noelle Avril is kidnapped and threatened with death by an old enemy, her life flashes before her eyes! Just where did Fleur-de-Lis and her super-powers come from, and how did she become connected with Department Gamma? Don’t miss the secret origin of the national heroine of France! Guest starring the Manhunter!

The Paladins: Interludes and Examinations

by Brian K. Asbury
published August 16, 2002

Witness a day in the life of the Paladins, which leads to good news, bad news, new beginnings for some — and, for one, a major change in her life! Guest starring the Global Guardians!

Showcase: Les Défenseurs: Vive la Résistance

An Invasion crossover

by Starsky Hutch 76
published November 18, 2002

As the heroes of France fight off the aliens who have invaded their proud nation, Dupin of Department Gamma proposes to unite them as a single unit! But will Le Fantom’s thirst for revenge upon the invaders prove to be troublesome? Featuring the Musketeer, the Crimson Fox, the Phantom of France, Manhunter, Fleur-de-Lis, Azrael, and the Gargoyle — together known as Les Défenseurs!

The Brave and the Bold: Arsenal and Owlwoman: With Some Reservations

by Martin Maenza
published April 11, 2003

A controversy on a New Mexico Indian reservations brings these two heroes together and into action!

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Fleur-de-Lis: Tangled Webs

by Libbylawrence
published November 12, 2003

The Batman and Fleur-de-Lis, the heroine of France, try to bring down a drug-smuggling operation with unwanted help from the Black Spider!

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Godiva: The Terror of London

by Libbylawrence
published December 18, 2003

Batman and Godiva rush to rescue a beautiful actress only to be faced with a creature out of legend.

Showcase: Whatever Happened to the Scarlet Bowmen?

by HarveyKent
published May 21, 2003

Fifteen years ago, the Scarlet Bowmen defended their tiny Balkan nation from evils without and within. Now they have been divided by their country’s current political position, but fate draws the Scarlet Bowmen together for one last hurrah!

The Paladins: Cavaliers and Roundheads, Book 1: For King and Parliament

by Brian K. Asbury
published March 24, 2003

In the aftermath of the Invasion, five of Britain’s heroes find themselves flung back more than three centuries in time to the eve of the climactic battle of the English Civil War! Can the Paladins find an ally in this pre-technological society to help them get home?

The Paladins: Cavaliers and Roundheads, Book 2: The Battle of Naseby

by Brian K. Asbury
published April 16, 2003

In order to get back to their own era, the time-tossed Paladins must rescue Rip Hunter and his Time Masters before they are killed on a seventeenth-century battlefield! Who will end up paying a price for tampering with time?


DC Comics Presents: Superman and Doctor Light: Reflections and Refractions

by Libbylawrence
published August 5, 2004

While Superman is visiting Japan, he finds himself subject to severe fluctuations in his power levels, threatening all those around him! Meanwhile, the heroic Doctor Light of Japan must deal with her own personal demons in time to battle a newly powerful villain back from the dead! And she will become that villain’s pawn once more unless she receives help from the Man of Steel!

Showcase: Thunderlord: Sound and Fury

by Libbylawrence
published September 15, 2004

The hero of Taiwan, already facing challenges both personal and political in his private life, is challenged by a new, powerful super-villain with the ability to absorb Thunderlord’s mighty power of sound! Can this Global Guardian find a way to defeat a foe that grows more powerful with every blast thrown against him? And what hidden ties does this villain have with a Western mastermind?

The Global Guardians: The World in Her Image

by Libbylawrence
published November 16, 2005

The mysterious abduction of a seemingly ordinary young woman is the beginning of a quest that leads several super-heroes through Southeast Asia and finally into a confrontation with the super-villainess behind it all — Doctor Cyber! Can this local grouping of Global Guardians discover the reason for the woman’s abduction and the thefts of ancient artifacts from a few temples before Doctor Cyber can use them to take over the world? Starring Hikari and Rising Sun of Japan, Thunderlord of Taiwan, and Thunder and Lightning of Vietnam, and introducing Sora the Sky Girl of Japan!

Showcase: Jack O’Lantern: All in a (St. Patrick’s) Day

by Libbylawrence
published March 21, 2005

Jack O’Lantern tries to make beautiful music with a young singer in spite of magical opposition. Good thing he has the Good People and the luck of the Irish on his side!

Showcase: The Sword of Don Juan

by John Reiter
published March 1, 2017

When the magical sword of a mysterious, forgotten Spanish hero is discovered by a young man named Raphael Montez, he is transformed into a swashbuckling heroic figure, much to his surprise! The only problem is, what will his girlfriend Camilla think of her boyfriend becoming the living legend and romantic adventurer known as the seducer of Seville? Introducing Spain’s newest hero, Don Juan!