Justice League of America: Carnival, Epilogue: A Pawn

by Martin Maenza

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The heroes found themselves back in the alleyway near the fortune-teller’s shop in New Orleans.

“Back where it all started,” Firestorm said. “But what do we do with her?

“I’ll handle Miss Sultress,” the Phantom Stranger said as he held out his arms. The Atom placed her still-at-rest body into them. “I fear she has been a pawn in something larger. The fact that Count Crystal was involved as well makes me believe greater forces were at work.”

“What’ll you do with Count Crystal?” Steel asked.

“I know of a place to keep him safe,” the Stranger said. “His spirit is a purely evil one with great knowledge of the arcane arts. We must ensure it does not get loose again.” And with that, the cloaked figure vanished into the shadows.

“Wow!” Starman said. “You guys sure know some wild people.”

“Yep, one big, crazy family,” the Atom said.

“Speaking of families,” Firestorm said, “I need to get back to mine. So can you guys do me a favor?”

“Sure thing,” said Steel. “Name it.”

Firestorm concentrated and split into two beings once more. “Can you guys help get my friend, here, back home?” Ronnie Raymond asked.

“No problem,” said the Atom.

“Thanks,” Ronnie said. He turned to his elder other half. “Professor, I’ll explain it all when I get back from my vacation, OK?”

“I’ll appreciate that, Ronald,” Professor Stein said.

The End

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