Justice League of America: Coming of the Terroristic Triad, Epilogue: Role Playing

by HarveyKent

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“G.A., can I give you a lift home?” Green Lantern said. “No need for all of us to stay and babysit these beaten baddies.”

“Yeah, sure,” Green Arrow said. “Guess I’ll see you guys later. Thanks again for the party!”

“Bearded cretin,” Bookworm hissed under her breath.

“Nyah, nyah, nyah,” Green Arrow retorted. A moment later, the two emerald champions were gone; on the way out the window, Green Lantern looked over his shoulder and winked. When the two were safely gone, all the ones remaining burst out laughing, even the Terroristic Triad.

“Katar, I have to hand it to you,” Superman said. “It worked beautifully!”

“It certainly did,” Red Tornado said, untying Moonwalker’s bonds. “He never suspected a thing, and just as you predicted, he enjoyed the fight more than anything else we could have done!”

Moonwalker pulled off his full-face mask, revealing the golden head of Aquaman. “It was a good idea, modifying Doctor Light’s weapon to produce this darkness beam,” he said. “And I was a good choice to wear it, my undersea eyesight letting me see through the darkness.”

“I don’t know what part of my role was harder,” Wally West said, stripping off the wig and false moustache of the Quintessential Man. “Timing my speed just right so that I appeared to be in five places at once, or talking in that corny disco dialogue!”

“At least we only had one role to play,” the Bookworm said, taking off her glasses and shaking out her long black hair, revealing the beautiful features of Zatanna. “J’onn was the one who had to keep switching parts!”

“Indeed,” the Martian Manhunter said, suddenly becoming visible. “It was a challenge playing all the roles of the fictional characters the Bookworm conjured up. I confess I had to do a great deal of reading up for the part.”

“It’s a good thing Ollie didn’t hear me whisper the spell that turned that table to gold,” Zatanna said.

“Katar, thanks again for asking me along,” Ray Palmer said. “This mock fight was just like old times! You guys will always be a part of the best years of my life!”

“And you will always be a Justice Leaguer, Ray Palmer,” Hawkman said, “no matter what.”

“You guys realize, of course,” Arsenal said, “Ollie’s gonna kill us when he finds out what we did!”

“True,” Hawkman said. “But he’ll have to admit, he had fun.”

Continued in Justice League of America: The Beginning of the Ennead

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