Legion of Super-Heroes: The Garridan Quest, Epilogue: The Real Time Trapper

by Libbylawrence

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From a void at the end of time, the real Time Trapper sat and watched the heroes, and he smiled. “Poor Vorm served me well. He made an excellent pawn, and he played my role well. He convinced them all that he was the mysterious Time Trapper, and he met a good death with a bit of help from me,” he said, caressing a small hourglass that dangled from his neck.

“Let them live and love and forget about me. I will gather power and achieve every goal I’ve ever wanted while they believe me to be lost in time. They do not realize that every event has merely moved me closer to my goals. Every action has been as I have desired it to be. How can it not be so when I control all of time itself?” Pushing aside his own hood, he revealed the handsome features of an adult Garridan Ranzz.


Back in Legion Headquarters, the Ranzz family headed for their private quarters, and their son followed them happily. As he walked, his small hands moved slowly as if he also caressed an unseen hourglass.

Would Garridan Ranzz someday become the true Time Trapper? Had he somehow always been that dire foe? Only time itself would tell.

The End

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