The New Gods: The Angel of Apokolips, Epilogue: A Christmas Miracle

by Starsky Hutch 76

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Christmas Eve was just another night to the children lying in their dungeon cells beneath Granny Goodness’ orphanage. They were tired and weary from their daily dose of suffering, which Granny Goodness referred to as care.

Few of them had even heard of Santa Claus or his sleigh ride. Many of them had difficulty sleeping because of nightmares. Visions of sugar plums did not dance in their heads. In fact, their nightly screams and moans were enough of an annoyance to Granny’s men that all cells had soundproofed walls.

In every cell, every orphan — from the oldest boy to the youngest girl — was surprised by the sight of a miniature boom tube appearing in his or her room. From these boom tubes flew toys for each and every child.

The children approached the toys uneasily. They wanted them but were afraid of what would happen should Granny discover them. When they worked up the nerve to pick them up, they discovered that along with each one was a note from Santa letting them know that these toys were magic and that no adult could see them. And true enough, each toy, from toy soldiers, to dolls, to stuffed bears, had its own bio-recognition chip masking it from eyes other than those of the children.

The End

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