The New Titans: Fragments

The New Titans: The Five Earths Project

The New Titans


by Libbylawrence and Doc Quantum

In the aftermath of the Crisis on Infinite Earths the Titans were among those hit hardest of all, the members scattered far and wide. Thus, Donna Troy must lead a new team of Titans, formed from members old and new, on a seemingly routine mission extraditing Dr. Light to Porte Verde, but the situation is more than it seems… Meanwhile, Dick has gone to Zandia in search of Raven. But will he find more than he bargained for? Also, Donna and Roy create new names for their costumed identities, and Roy is reunited with an old flame! Even as the team rescues one member from Brother Blood, another heroine becomes a widow in outer space. Starfire returns to Earth to warn her friends about an alien invasion and faces an uncertain Nightwing. And Wally West reveals how he regained his old level of speed and came to accept his mentor’s noble legacy, while Lilith accepts her continuing struggle against the Children of the Sun.

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