Superboy: 1967: Through the Looking Glass

Superboy of Earth-1: The Five Earths Project


Times Past, 1967

Through the Looking Glass

by ManOMight1974

Superboy is stranded on the dark mirror world of Earth-33 without a way to get home, all at the mercy of his evil counterpart, Ultraboy! But as the Boy of Steel plans for his next confrontation with the Smallville scoundrel, it becomes increasingly obvious that Ultraboy has brought him to his world for a reason. Could it be that Superboy has to train a group of would-be super-heroes in order to simply give Ultraboy a challenge on this topsy-turvy world where evil always triumphs over good? And will Alex Luthor of that world finally become the hero he was always meant to be? Guest starring the Earth-33 counterparts of several heroes and villains of Earth-One!

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  • drake thiorson

    is this elseworlds for elseworlds

  • drake thorson

    to read another DCE elseworlds comix turn to eath-3 for the earth-3A story live and let live

  • ishmael

    earth-33-2:shadow hero:on e33-2 lex gave himeself limited suerpowers: leaping invisability. when lex created a k-antidote he used his superbreath and accidentally destroyed his protopplasm. keeping his hear and not blaming superboye332, lex decided to use his powers and his earth332 immunity to kryptonite to secretly help superboy against k carring crooks. here lex becomes close pals with lana lang and clark kent.somewhat humbled-but not much lex has clark and lana help with his weather tower-for science class,when it malfunts superboy and shadow(invisible) stop it.later to regain the a he and they lost, lex lets them help with his superseeds.somewhat,but noty much humbled lex only plants them in the school garden.–and on a secret island he makes out of creekside land on his family farm. while their overgrow3th renders the garden and their grade wrecked; lex uses the ones on the island to replentish hime=self after shadow jobs.

  • ishmail

    earth-l,2in thia universe the kents adopted clark–and orphan bruce wayne. earth1,3 this eart is like earth l except that as superbabys rocket approache de1,3 a gold kryptonite meteror swiped his superpoers.however as a krytonian(k1,3) his normal strengh was above the average e1,3 er,