Humor DC Comics FanFiction: Earth-12, Inferior 5, Earth-C, Captain Carrot, Zoo Crew, Just’a Lotta Animals

Humor Stories

These stories all take place in otherdimensional realms where, instead of the laws of physics, the laws of comedy apply. Some stories feature humorous people in wacky situations, while others feature anthropomorphic funny animals. Of course, there’s always room for drama and pathos in semi-serious prose on both worlds, if handled well.

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Earth-12 the Farce Continues Archives

Earth-12 is the humor universe of DC Comics where the Inferior Five and a whole host of other characters live. The stories found here were all originally written for the Earth-12 the Farce Continues board at the Five Earths Forum.

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Zoo Crew on Earth-C Archives

Earth-C is the funny animals universe of DC Comics where Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew live. The stories here are from Zoo Crew on Earth-C board at the Five Earths Forum.

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Earth-12 Titles

Earth-C Titles