Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: The Dark Side of the Crew, Chapter 10: Turning the Tables

by Comickook

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Meanwhile, Captain Carrot appeared back in the Z-Building and saw Ultra-Rabbit squeezing the life out of Big Cheese. Without wasting a second, the Captain leaped forward and nailed his evil counterpart with a superb surprise double-kick that not only sent Ultra-Rabbit flying, but also caused him to let go of Big Cheese, who found himself sprawled on the ground, catching his breath. The Captain then nailed his opposite number with a beautiful haymaker just a split-second before Ultra-Rabbit could get up from that surprise kick, though he couldn’t get over how sore the kick and punch made his feet and right paw, respectively.

It makes sense. After all, he not only has my skin toughness but also, essentially, Super-Squirrel’s invulnerability, the Captain thought to himself as Ultra-Rabbit got up with a smirk. Though his heroic counterpart’s initial attack had caught him by surprise, he was far from hurt.

“So the Bunny Scout has finally come out to play,” the villain cackled as he fired rapid-repeat blasts of his heat-vision at Captain Carrot’s feet, giving him a continuous hot foot. He added, “Let’s see how tough you are when you’ve lost the element of surprise.”



In Mew Orleans, the Crash quickly sped Green Lambkin and the Martian Anteater out of the blast path of that world’s Siren Belle, while Batmouse securely wrapped some strong rope around her beak. She was about to let loose with another blast from her yellow power gauntlets when she found that they were promptly shorted-out by two precisely aimed blasts of Super-Squirrel’s heat-vision. Just as Miss Drake’s telekinetic power finally got Batmouse’s rope off her beak, she was securely lassoed again, this time by Wonder Wabbit, who commanded her to cease and desist her agressions.

Unable to disobey the mental commands of Wonder Wabbit’s lasso, Samantha Drake grudgingly stopped her attack. “Why were you attacking Green Lambkin and the Martian Anteater?” Wonder Wabbit asked, knowing her lasso compelled anyone bound by it to obey her commands.

“Well, I thought one of them was Swanky Poodle, and for all I know, that one may just yet prove to be Swanky Poodle in disguise,” replied Samantha. “In the event of Swanky Poodle’s death, a time capsule will appear in front of the so-called proper authorities that would reveal all the weaknesses of the rest of the Nasty Menagerie and provide enough evidence to put those villains away for the rest of their lives. Doctor Hoot is simply too noble to kill that she-sadist, even knowing that her death would provide the key to defeating the rest of the Menagerie once and for all. As his laboratory assistant, I am privy to full access to all of his equipment and information, which I was using to aid in his quest to save this world from the Menagerie’s tyranny. Maybe, if I can free the world for Hoot, maybe Hoot and I will finally be free to be together.” She ended her explanation with a lovesick sigh.

“You’re in love with this world’s Doctor Hoot, aren’t you?” Wonder Wabbit asked.

“With all my heart. He is the most courageous, generous, and idealistic individual I have ever known,” Samantha answered, still bound by Wonder Wabbit’s lasso.

“Be that as it may, back up to the part about being his lab assistant, Miss…” Batmouse pursued.

“Drake. Samantha Drake. And yes, I am his lab assistant,” Samantha said.

“Which would mean you know where Hoot’s laboratory is. By the power of this lasso, I command you to take us to that laboratory,” Wonder Wabbit said.

Still under the influence of the lasso, the Earth-Reverse-C Siren Belle could only sigh in surrender as Batmouse and Crash finished reviving Green Lambkin and Martian Anteater.


The fourth dimension:

Alley-Kat-Abra barely ducked her evil counterpart’s flying kick in time and nailed Katastrophe with a beautiful roundhouse kick to her jaw, followed immediately by a cat-fu flip that caused the deranged sorceress to land on her head. Thanks to having the reflexes and endurance of Superbunny, however, Katastrophe was able to get up from that kick and flip before Abra could otherwise press her attack. It was only because Katastrophe allowed herself to get angry that Abra was even able to land those blows on her evil counterpart, and she knew that. That became especially more apparent when Katastrophe conjured up a set of extra-strong mystic energy bonds that started constricting around her heroic counterpart.

Desperately using her own mystic skills to temporarily increase her strength and reflexes enough to break those bonds, Alley-Kat-Abra found herself now fast enough to land a well-timed sweep kick that nailed Katastrophe squarely in the back of the legs, even though the evil feline sorceress was ready for it. As Katastrophe was getting up, Alley then punched her hard in the jaw, still under the influence of her mystical adrenaline rush. Without warning, the golden lasso that Katastrophe was carrying on her belt started snaking around her while she was occupied with her do-gooder opposite number. The rope then squeezed the evil sorceress tightly enough to cause her to drop her wand.

“Well, I do declare that li’l ol’ magic rope should hold that mystic meanie for a while,” an all-too-familiar voice replied. “I’m just surprised I didn’t think of it sooner.”

Abra looked to see Samantha Drake, alias the Siren Belle, standing in front of her. “Well, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing here rather than in Sting Sting, eh, Miss Alley-Kat-Abra?” Samantha replied with a smirk.

“The thought did cross my mind,” Abra answered honestly, though it took a considerable amount of willpower to keep the anger out of her voice.

“Don’t be too sore with her, Abra. After all, I was just too stubborn to give up on my idea of recruiting the Belle to help us,” Rubberduck explained. “Besides, she has already been a big help to us against Slashback and Fantastidrake.”

“Good thing whatever that li’l ol’ owl used to restore my powers also gave me the ability to absorb energy attacks. That blast I took from that wicked whiskered witch should have fried me,” the Belle answered matter-of-factly. “In fact, the blast not only didn’t fry me, it actually made me stronger. Sure, it was so much energy to absorb that I was still out of it for a while, but when I finally came around, I was feeling like ten million bucks!

“Good thing you were able to trap that villainess while I kept her busy, Miss Drake. I don’t know if my mystic adrenaline rush would have lasted much longer,” Alley-Kat-Abra admitted.

“Well, you and your allies are quite welcome to stay in my realm until you regain enough of your strength to make the trip home, my dear,” the Time-Keeper replied with a courtly bow. “I know from past experience that it isn’t wise to keep you here any longer than that if you don’t want to be here.”



The Earth-Reverse-C Doctor Hoot just finished doing the stop, drop, and roll routine for putting oneself out when one is on fire. He wanted to dash after Rubberduck, Yankee Poodle, and the Siren Belle to make sure they got out before he slipped through the portal, but the immense vibrations caused by one of Katastrophe’s blasts had caused him to unintentionally jump through the portal just before he was personally blasted.

Hoot looked around the Sting Sting Prison grounds and saw Fastback and Little Cheese coming his way.

“So, Doc, where are Byrd ‘n’ Rova?” Fastback asked. “We heard they were last here, ‘n’ we were shootin’ ta git them ‘n’ you fer the big ol’ final showdown with the Menagerie.”

“Regretfully, Rubberduck, Yankee Poodle, and Samantha… err… I mean, the Siren Belle are in the Time-Keeper’s realm battling Katastrophe,” Hoot explained truthfully. “I took a couple of rather nasty blasts from her that sent me flying unintentionally through the return portal before I had a chance to try to save them, and the portal to his realm sealed up before I could jump back in after them. Though, knowing Fantastidrake, he probably moved his lab somewhere he can have easy access to it in case he needed to make a quick getaway. He intentionally makes half of the gadgets in his lab too complex for anybody but him to understand so that he will always be of some use to Ultra-Rabbit.”

“No offense, Doc, but what good does that do us?” Little Cheese asked.

“There is one other scientist on Earth-Reverse-C who can understand that devious duck’s devices, and though I profusely apologize for sounding conceited, I am that scientist,” Hoot replied. “Perhaps we can use Fantastidrake’s equipment to open a portal to the fourth dimension and bring back our comrades, assuming that it is not too late.”

Slashback and Swanky Poodle had regained their powers, minus Power Ram’s power ring, after Fantastidrake had been separated from the power ring, but between the super-reinforced cells containing them and the anti-power collars they were both wearing, that was sort of a moot point.

“Blast you (censored) no-good (censored) goody-goodies. This isn’t (censored) over by a (censored) long shot. This (censored) cell and (censored) collar can’t (censored) keep me locked away (censored) forever,” Swanky Poodle shouted from her cell as Fastback carried Little Cheese and the Earth-Reverse-C Doctor Hoot off at supersonic speed.


After several minutes of enjoying himself and humiliating Captain Carrot with repeated heat-vision blasts aimed at the Captain’s feet, Ultra-Rabbit then froze the heroic hare solid with a massive gust of super-breath. After he was done with that, he simply sat back and enjoyed watching Iron Pig and Big Cheese (the latter of which had expanded to fifty feet tall for this fight) beating the crap out of each other just outside the Z-Building over the fact that the “metallic meatball” (what Big Cheese called Iron Pig) had betrayed the trust of the “over-sized oaf” (what Iron Pig called Big Cheese).

Nearby, Fastback, Little Cheese, and Doctor Hoot had made their way back to the Z-Building and saw Pig-Iron being secured by special restraints, which Hoot managed to deactivate. Once Pig-Iron was free, it was all the other three heroes could do to keep the porcine powerhouse quiet enough to ensure they didn’t lose the element of surprise.


At Sting Sting Prison, Swanky Poodle shouted to one of the guards, “Hey, you (censored) working-class (censored). I have a few (censored) pieces of (censored) information that may be of (censored) interest to the public. I (censored) know the (censored) true identities of the (censored) Zoo Crew. I (censored) know, because they (censored) also happen to be the (censored) true identities of myself and my (censored) so-called (censored) allies!”

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