Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: The Big Breakout, Epilogue: All’s Well That Ends Well

by Comickook

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Before long, the escaped prisoners were securely locked up in Sting-Sting, as was the Alpha-Bull after he was formally charged with his crimes. It was a foregone conclusion that he would be found guilty and locked up in the Zoo Crew wing permanently, anyway, and it was the only place that had the technology to sap his formidable powers while he waited for his court date.

Terry Dactyl saw Mandra Mynxbynd home after they dropped by the TV station to let everyone know that she was all right.

“Well, Mandra, I’d better be getting back to the Z-Building,” said Terry. “But before I leave, uh… thanks very much for the help against the Alpha-Bull.”

“Anytime, Terry,” Mandra said, giving him a seductive look as she kissed him on his left cheek. With that, she turned around, looked back at him with a smile, and shut the door.

Blushing with a pleasantly embarrassed smile on his face, Stormwing flew off to check back in with his teammates. But he already knew that it would be impossible to keep his mind on the meeting; Mandra had already seen to that.

The End

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