Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: Open Season, Epilogue: Mystery Mink

by Comickook

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Fastback zipped the unconscious Hexen over to Sting-Sting Prison, leaving Stormwing and Mystery Mink alone together.

“Sorry I got too close, Terry,” Mandra Mynxbynd said with a sheepish grin.

“Hey, even with all of your training and all of your powers, sometimes bad breaks arise,” said Terry Dactyl sheepishly. “That’s not your fault. It’s just one of those things that happens. I mean, I was the one who zapped you accidentally. I should be apologizing to you.”

“Well, I have a bit of my strength back now, which puts me in a better position to accept your apology, Terry,” Mandra said with a deep smile that Terry couldn’t possibly say no to.

Mandra’s head was spinning, both from Terry’s kiss and from the events of that day. She just couldn’t believe it. She had helped capture all three of the top super-hit-animals in the world on her very first day as a super-heroine, and none of them had got a good enough look at her to be able to explain to their fellow inmates who they were dealing with. Between her super-camouflage powers and her near-Fastback-level speed, mixed with her other powers, she was able to capture two of them singlehandedly without them really knowing who had caught them. As for the third, well, Mandra still lasted a while and was able to get some good long-distance licks in. And even when she did accidentally get too close to the third, Fastback and Stormwing managed to keep Hexen from getting a good look at her, too.

With a little more practice and a few more months of field experience, she wondered, could she become the Zoo Crew’s ninth member?


Back at the Z-Building, all the Zoo Crewers except Stormwing had gathered together. “Where is ol’ Stormy?” Pig-Iron said. “I thought we might see him at the booking station along with the rest of us.”

“Awww, you know, he probably wanted to get in some time with that girlfriend of his,” Rubberduck commented with a wistful grin, though very careful not to let on any clues that might reveal that Mandra and the Mystery Mink were one and the same.

“Speaking of which, Captain…” Alley-Kat-Abra began with a playful grin, and the heroic hare began gently walking her out of the room.

“Well, we’ll let you two get in some private time of your own, Cap,” Pig-Iron said as he and the others left, chuckling to themselves.

Yankee Poodle instead wore a look of jealous disdain as she left. Her own boyfriend, Pepe Le Pew, alias the Skirt Chaser, had been gone on a mission in space with the rest of the Looney Society of Toomerica for a couple of months now as they continued searching for a way to return to their world of Earth-L. She wondered if he would ever return.


June 15th:

Fat Kat received a call over his secure line. “Hello, Brother Hood?” he said. “So how soon can we go forward with the plan to officially double the bounty? Excellent. Soon, each individual Zoo Crewer will be worth two billion dollars, and anybody who manages to nail all eight gets a four-billion-dollar bonus — the biggest open bounty in hit-animal history. It’s only a matter of time before some greedy super-animal with enough brains to do the job professionally will collect.”

The End

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