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Mary Marvel and Atom Blake: Magic and Demons and Ghouls, Oh My!

by Dan Swanson, with Doc Quantum
America's Greatest: The Five Earths Project
As the last student left behind on Halloween at the Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge, Atom Blake the Boy Wizard is expecting nothing but the peace and quiet he needs to complete an overdue assignment. But when the demons Blaze and Satanus suddenly invade the island in search of a prize, Atom must call in some help in the form of Mary Marvel and the Lieutenant Mary Marvels, the world’s mightiest girls!

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Adam Blake: 1955: The Three Blakes

by CSyphrett
Adam Blake of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
All the Adam Blake of Earth-X wants is pieces of his other-earthly counterparts, but can Adam Blake of Earth-Two and his newfound brothers-in-arms stop a robotic Nazi counterpart from wreaking havoc on themselves and then their worlds? Guest starring Captain Comet of Earth-One and Atom Blake of Earth-S!

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Shazam’s Squadron of Justice: 1984: Assault on Eternity

by Libbylawrence
Shazam's Squadron of Justice: The Five Earths Project
A group of super-villains from three different worlds converges on Earth-S on a quest for a piece of the Rock of Eternity itself! As Shazam’s Squadron of Justice and the Marvel Family take on these villains in individual skirmishes, will the real goal become evident in time for the heroes to stop them?

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