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A world where World War II continued until the mid 1970’s, most of the superhero characters were those published by Quality Comics. A re-surgence of the Third Reich has thrown this world into turmoil after the Crisis.

Freedom Force: The Price of Freedom

by Philip-Todd Franklin
Freedom Force: The Five Earths Project
A young man named Hiroshi Tain struggles to understand how he has become an agent of Old Glory! More importantly, how can this Japanese-American become a member of Rick Flagg’s Freedom Force, when the old soldier already hates his guts? Meanwhile, as Hi-Jack continues to search out the Earth-X counterparts of his old allies, Amos Fortune and the Royal Flush Gang of Earth-One, has he inadvertently made an enemy who seeks his death? And what murderous dark force is destroying the Imperial Japanese fleet, one sailor at a time? Guest starring Plastic Man and Max Mercury, the former Quicksilver!

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Feature: Hi-Jack: Saving Grace

by Philip-Todd Franklin
Feature of Earth-X: The Five Earths Project
Hi-Jack, former member of the Royal Flush Gang and the Secret Society of Super-Villains on Earth-One, finds himself on the wartorn world of Earth-X with no idea how to get home. And when he is mistaken for a wealthy California senator during the liberation of Occupied California, things take a strange turn. Can the threat against the family of his parallel universe double turn a hardened criminal into a hero?

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Freedom Fighters: 1976: Burning Vengeance

by Martin Maenza
Freedom Fighters: The Five Earths Project
When a manhunt in New York City threatens to close the noose on the Freedom Fighters, the super-heroes from Earth-X decide to get out of town! But as the fugitive heroes head to Albany, they aren’t the only ones on the run, as the Flamesplasher Twins seek revenge on their childhood tormentor! See what happens when the two parties clash!

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