Aquaman: The First Wave, Epilogue: To Rebuild a Kingdom

by Libbylawrence

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Weeks after the Lemurian soldiers were released to depart along with their solemn prince, Aquaman and Mera strolled through the city and took stock of the damage.

“It can be rebuilt,” said Aquaman. “This crisis proved that Tritonis and Poseidonis can stand together as allies. We learned of the Lemurians, and we can be ready for them again, should they come back as enemies or friends. I’m sure Captain Demo will pop up again. As for Lenora Lemaris, she has befriended Caliban. I thought poor Peter Dudley was long dead. Now he may be a helpful ally to us all. Even Chimaera’s rage seems to be cooling, thanks to Dolphin. She’s been spending a lot of time with him.”

Mera smiled and said, “Mara and Will Payton came from different worlds, and she’s still hurt by the fact that he apparently left Earth without even saying goodbye, leaving Mara not knowing what to think about it all. If things go the way they seem to be heading, I think she will be good for Karel, and he for her.”

Aquaman nodded and said, “I’m glad Garth turned up as well. That was quite a story he told about the adventure he had with Sirona. (*) He and his friends did a good job. I’m proud of him!”

[(*) Editor’s note: This untold tale of Aqualad will be seen at some point in the future.]

“And yet you seem troubled,” noted Mera.

Aquaman grinned and said, “I never could fool you. Well, I’m just a bit concerned about how Amphitron accepted things as well as he did. I expected him to attack more fiercely than before after learning the truth about his sister. He accepted the role Barras played all too easily.”

“Perhaps you underestimated his wisdom or your own persuasiveness,” suggested Mera.

Aquaman nodded. “I may think too much.”

As the sunlight played upon the ocean waters, and Aquaman’s world knew peace, another threat loomed above him and in his near-future.


Far above the sunken city, a cloaked figure stood on a boat, smiling to herself.

Placing a sincere acceptance of the truth in Amphitron’s mind ended that matter as I’d hoped, she thought. In truth, his brain was all too easily manipulated. He is a creature of passion and not of meditation. In time, he may become a threat, but not until I’ve used Aquaman to vanquish the forces arrayed against me!

The End

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