Batman and the Star Rovers: Silverthorn, Epilogue: What the Future Holds

by HarveyKent

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“I don’t believe it! I just don’t believe it! How could she do that?” Rick Purvis raved. Homer Glint, who perhaps understood their mutual friend a bit better than Rick, was calmer.

“How could she not?” Homer asked.

Rick turned a wild eye on Homer. “Do you know what she just did?” he demanded. “She just changed history!

“Change,” Homer said calmly, “is what makes history.”

Rick shook that off. “We’ve got to get her back! Get her back in here, get back to our own time!”

“Can’t,” Homer advised. “Dr. Vidar built failsafes into this thing. Karel’s breaching the portal activated them. It’s already started the return trip.”

Rick looked around, saw the scenes of 1987 beginning to grow blurry, heard the humming of the device. It was true.

“Homer,” Rick said, trying to keep his voice calm, “we may not have a home to go to! What Karel did — noble though it may have been — just may have altered our whole timeline! We may not even recognize the world we return to!”

“Hmm… you’re right,” Homer said, a serious, pensive look on his face. Suddenly, he cracked a wide grin. “And what an adventure that’d be, eh, Rick? Come on, let’s go see what the future holds.”

The End

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