Challengers of the Unknown: The Secret War, Epilogue: Gone Without a Trace

by Libbylawrence

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Later, Superman himself stood before the Challengers of the Unknown and explained, “By the time my friends at the Daily Planet were able to reach me, it was too late. I stopped some rubble from raining down but found no trace of any survivors.”

“Our ship was equipped with some rather exotic devices,” said Ace Morgan. “I could see it go up completely under the right conditions.”

“I’m sorry about this,” said Superman. “I feel as though I’m partly to blame. This Mockingbird did all he did to strike at me and my allies.”

“You inspire far more that is noble than you engender madmen like Mockingbird,” said Prof Haley.

“At least those poor people are free of him at last,” said June Robbins. “I hope they’ll find the peace they never knew in life.”

As Superman flew off with a final wave, Ace turned to Prof and said, “What is it? We all mourn for them. There is something else troubling you, isn’t there, pal?”

“It is just the scientist in me,” said Prof. “I was speculating about the possibility — slender as it seems — that the use of the atmospheric-alteration device aboard that plane might have had any number of effects on the two planes upon impact.”

“Superman found no bodies,” said Rocky Davis. “Are you saying the Secret Six might have cheated death? We’ve sure done it enough times!”

“Naw,” said Red Ryan. “Only kooks like Volcano Man or Multi-Man manage to pull off those kinds of freaky returns from certain death. The good guys just die, don’t they?”

The End

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