Captain Comet’s Rehab Squad: Heroes and Villains, Chapter 1: Leave of Absence

by Libbylawrence

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At the Meta-Human Rehabilitation Agency, Captain Comet glanced up as the pretty Mayflower entered his office. “Hello, luv!” she said in her charming British accent.

He smiled. “Hello, yourself! What can I do for you, Rachel?”

Rachel Green smiled and said, “I’d like leave. This whole alien invasion has left me missin’ me mum back in England. May I go visit her and see if all’s well after the shrinking crisis?” She referred to the temporary shrinking of the United Kingdom by the alien fleet the heroes of Earth had beaten.

“Sure. You’ve proven your reform is real. You really don’t even owe us any more service. We’re glad to have you, though. With Multiplex, Deadshot, the Hooded Hangman, and Killer Moth all either dead, deserting us, or betraying the team.”

“What about Silent M?” she asked.

“He’s gone again — with my permission. He was needed elsewhere, anyway. Big government we have here, with lots of departmental demands.”

“Oh, hope he’ll be back,” she mused. In her pilgrim outfit, the pretty girl looked very young, no more than twenty-three or so.

“I’ll give you leave and a Sky Skimmer if you’ll need a ride. In fact, how about taking Debbi with you? She’d love to return to her heiress jet-setting days for a brief time.”

“The Cheetah? Sure, we’d have a ball in the U.K. Thanks ever so much,” she gushed, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Well, well, well!” said Lisa Snart as she slinked into the room.

“Uh… Rachel was thanking me for a leave,” explained a blushing Comet.

I’ll thank you for a few things, too,” cooed Golden Glider.

“Yes. Well. Later. Maybe,” he said boyishly.

Valor watched from down the hall. Her super-vision picked up the scene accidentally. Got to learn to not scan so randomly, mused the gorgeous blonde in the purple minidress.

“Leslie!” called Karin Grace. “How about taking me out to test my battle-suit? Flag is always demanding that I give it up.”

Lesla-Lar, known here by her adopted Earth name of Leslie Larson, smiled, looking even more like the late Supergirl then ever. “Sounds like fun! Let’s fly,” she said, laughing.


The organization led by the Black Mask called the False Face Society had a monopoly of sorts on crime these days in the city of Bludhaven, which neighbored Gotham City. Their mad but deadly boss planned well and fatally punished those who failed to live up to his commands. The three thugs in masks of Rabbit, Dog, and Cow knew this all too well as they hurried out of the empty pawn shop with their loot.

“Hurry, Cow!” said Dog.

“Ah, shut it!” said Cow. “There’s no Bat in this city!”

No, but the Bat is not the only nocturnal predator,” called a voice from above.

They looked up to see a costumed man in yellow and black. “Who in the–?” asked Rabbit as he picked out his gun.

Gunfire bounced off the man’s folded cape. Then it expanded outward to form wings. He flew down and fired a stinger of energy that blasted the gunman’s hand and left it numb. “So sorry, chap. The swelling won’t go down for hours — and then it’ll really sting,” said the gold-costumed man.

He kicked Dog against a wall and slapped the gun out of Cow’s shaky hand. He ducked a punch from the hulking Cow, and with the grace of an Olympian, he dodged and kicked the brute in the face three times. He fell, but before he could hit the ground, the costumed man had fired with the precision of a true marksman at the fleeing Rabbit. Rabbit fell hard with a small dart in his neck. “Not the first time you’ve had to sleep something off, eh, my good man?” taunted the man in gold.

“Who — who are ya?” pleaded Dog as the hero grabbed him and shook him severely.

The police ran up in response to a call from the hero’s mask radio. “These thugs are all yours, gentlemen, courtesy of the Golden Wasp!” he said, bowing with a flourish. He flew off to their cheers.

“About time Bludhaven got a hero. I bet the Golden Wasp could match the Batman, even,” said an admiring cop.

Oh, and I have, loyal officer of the peace, thought the new hero as he flew off.

Later, in a swank penthouse, the Wasp rested. “Not a bad start to my heroic life.”


The man using the alias of Anton Lamont posed in front of a large mirror and adjusted an ornate cloak. “Ah, Anton, soon you’ll have Hawkman at your mercy, and as for his partner, well, she may be allowed to be my concubine,” he said proudly.

“Bit premature, don’t you think?” asked a sneering voice as a young man in gold and purple flew into the room.

“Who are you?” said the nervous Lamont.

“I’m the Super-Scavenger. I’m here to make you give up the cloak — or I could use my super-strength to make you Fadeaway Man forever,” he said menacingly.

Fadeaway Man tried to pull something deadly from the magical cloak, but the Super-Scavenger was all-too fast for the older man. He ripped the cloak free and tossed Lamont across the hotel room with one hand. “See ya, you old loser,” said the Super-Scavenger as he flew off with the cloak and the career of the Fadeaway Man.


Debbi Domaine had been to England several times as a wealthy spoiled teen, but that was before her environmentalist streak developed. Thus she marveled at the lush beauty of the foliage in the small English village she and Rachel Green had just visited. “So where’s your mom — or should I say mum, love?” she asked.

Rachel smiled. “That’s right, tease the poor Brit lass! Mum lives in that house on the corner. The one with the big garden. As a little girl, I always played out back there. Guess that’s part of why I love nature so.”

“As Mayflower, you do more than love it. You’re like a sexy Mother Nature,” said Debbi.

“Thanks so much! At least you didn’t call me Swamp Thing,” teased Rachel. “Something’s wrong,” cried the pretty young girl. “It’s around Mum’s house — I can tell it from the plants — they’re agitated!” she said as she ran forward.

“A disturbance in the Force, so to speak,” said the Cheetah as she followed her friend.

They ran inside the unlocked door to see Rachel’s mother arguing with a monstrous plant man. His bark and leafy coverage mimicked skin and hair. “Rachel!” cried her mother.

You’re Rachel! Welcome, my dear. Daddy’s home at last,” said the Floronic Man with a smile.

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