Captain Comet’s Rehab Squad: Heroes and Villains, Chapter 3: The Conjunction

by Libbylawrence and Immortalwildcat

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The Enchantress hovered in midair and chanted silently. Magical energies crackled over an inert form. Red and yellow markings highlighted this android male. The android had been assembled by the man freed by the Spook from State Prison — T.O. Morrow.

Winds roared their anger and dimensions split asunder as the mighty sorceress worked her spell of invocation. “I command thee, spirit of the storm, to obey me and enter this form! I command thee, Tornado Tyrant, to bow to my demands and enliven this hulk!” she screamed.

In the midst of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Red Tornado had been captured by the Anti-Monitor and sent on a rampage across Earth-One and Earth-Two. It was then that an elderly Ma Hunkel — known in the 1940s as the original mystery-man called the Red Tornado — confronted him, demanding he stop hurting people and stop using her name.

Surprisingly, the powerful Red Tornado stopped its rampage at that point, and a part of it broke free from the Anti-Monitor’s control. This part of it was called the Tornado Champion, and it was one-half of the split-personality being that had inhabited the android Red Tornado. It now fled into her body, giving the elderly woman youthful vitality and wind powers. She would later resume her heroic career on Earth-Two and become an advisor to the youthful super-team known as the Junior JSA.

The other half of the split-personality being was called the Tornado Tyrant, and it was only kept in check all these years because of the Tornado Champion’s presence. When the android body was destroyed, therefore, it was finally set free and allowed to battle the Justice League of America. Only a plea by the android Red Tornado’s friend Kathy Sutton caused the Tornado Tyrant to relent from remaking the world in its image. It had disappeared during the Crisis, but it left with a warning that a day of reckoning would come someday soon.

That day had not yet come, but the Batman had almost miraculously managed to convince the Tornado Tyrant recently to join forces with the Justice League of America against the tyrant Despero, who planned to take over the world with the vast mystical powers he would gain from the Flame of Pytar. The Tornado Tyrant would not allow such a thing to happen, for that would make it a slave to this Despero as well, and the Tornado Tyrant became instrumental in Despero’s defeat. But it had vanished soon afterward to parts unknown. Now, the Enchantress’ spell had lured it here, and despite itself, it was forced to submit to her mighty mystical power.

But because the Enchantress’ spell was a powerful one, it also had repercussions elsewhere.



In the town of Islip, Long Island, a stout figure walked slowly along the streets, talking softly to herself.

“Mighty nice of Carter and Jay to offer to set me up with a place of my own. If I’m going to get into this super-heroing game again, it wouldn’t be a good idea to stay in the nursing home. Besides, I sure don’t need the help of the aides anymore.”

Mathilda Hunkel chuckled to herself, thinking about how, just hours earlier, she amazed Nick Garrafoloa at the home. The poor boy, caught under an equipment cart that had tipped over, was shocked to look up and find the eighty-one-year-old Mrs. Hunkel lifting the heavily loaded cart off his legs. She had quickly made a show of feeling pain in her back, but he knew better.

Her reverie was interrupted by the sound of police sirens. Looking up ahead, she saw them converging on a bank branch on the next block.

“Wow, this looks like a job for…” Ma Hunkel vanished in a blur of rushing air currents, which picked up the stray leaves and trash on the ground. When the wind subsided, in her place was the hovering red, green, and yellow-clad figure of, “…the Red Tornado!

Hmm, she thought to herself, I hope Superman doesn’t mind me using that old line. Charging forward on a surging funnel cloud, she quickly overtook the police officers. As they marveled at the sight of the oversized super-heroine, she assessed the situation.

“Two bullies in the bank; I see one with a gun pointed at some suit. You fellas know if there’s anyone else?” she asked the nearest officer.

“Ummm, no, that’s it, ma’am,” stammered the young rookie.

“Piece of cake!” She whirled into near-invisibility and found an unlikely entrance to the bank — a ventilation shaft. The mistress of the winds snaked through the ducts and emerged from the air to return directly over the hostage-holder.

“Let him go, ya mook!” she cried, as she kicked the startled gunman in the head.

“What the–?” The second thug looked up, trying to make out the blurred form of the Red Tornado. Before he could react, she gathered both of them up in a whirling air current, pinning their arms at their sides. She carried them through the door.

“Here you go officers, all ready for a nice, comfy — whoooaaa!”

Without warning, Ma Hunkel felt the wind-borne powers at her command increase dramatically. She tried to pull back, but before she could, the two criminals were flung through the window of a nearby police cruiser. Then, as quickly as it came, the extra power was gone.

“Sorry about that, Captain. I don’t know what came over me!” She landed on the ground and halted the whirlwind that had surrounded her. “For a couple of seconds there, it felt like my power doubled, and I almost lost control.”

“Not from here, Tornado. Far as I’m concerned, you just gave the Delancy brothers a little extra incentive to stay out of trouble the next time they get out of jail.”



Meanwhile, worlds away from the Earth-Two Red Tornado, the Enchantress completed her spell, installing the Tornado Tyrant — split from the Tornado Champion during the Crisis between two parallel Earths — into the inert android body of the Earth-One Red Tornado.

The android form, suddenly animated by the enslaved storm elemental, arose and spoke mechanically. “The Red Tornado hears and obeys you, my queen.”

“Excellent! All is well,” said the Enchantress.


At the same time the storm winds screamed at the command of the radiant Enchantress, Rachel Green was screaming as well as Floronic Man’s chemicals coursed through her veins. The pretty brunette’s discarded pilgrim outfit lay in shreds, and her beautiful body writhed in pain. Her features contorted and changed, as did her body. Her skin turned deathly white, and her hair elongated to flowering golden strands that reached her knees in the back. Flowers bloomed across her chest and waist in a bikini formation.

Now you look like my daughter!” screamed the insane Floronic Man. “I think I’ll name you Blossom,” he ranted.

Blossom, the former Mayflower, smiled in mute agreement. She said to the Floronic Man, “The trees outside say Blossom’s friends are here. Now you’ll pay for your crimes.” Her diction was oddly formal, and she spoke in third person. What was left of the perky Rachel Green?

Floronic Man shuddered. “What have you done? I sense nothing from the outside. You’ve cut me off from the Green! How dare you? I have been undone by you, child!” Blossom smiled grimly.


The Enchantress screamed as Captain Comet burst into the room. “Stop him! I must not fail before the Conjunction!

Starstriker ran forward, and Comet shouted, “Leave him to me!”

His bearded foe smiled and said, “Good! I want this rematch!” Comet shoved him down, and he seemed to literally cut off like a machine whose batteries ran dead.

“Our powers are so alike that I was able to instill a little failsafe in your mind. You shut down in my presence,” said Comet. “I did it after I beat you at the prison.”

The Hyena pounced on Dolphin, who served back and slammed the furry creature into a wall. “I am not your snack!” she cried as the beast tried once more to eat the blonde. She spun rapidly and caught the creature and tossed her into a machine. Electrical sparks radiated from it and left Hyena panting.

Starman caught the glowing Star Sapphire and smiled. “You seem unharmed by my power,” she said, puzzled.

“I actually feed on it. I am a living stellar core myself,” said Will Payton as he grabbed her tightly.

Cheetah crossed the room rapidly. “Rachel! What have they done to you?”

“Blossom is fine. Blossom has just realized her true potential,” said the flower-bikini-clad blonde. Floronic Man now wilted in a corner, since his child had somehow severed his tie to the natural world.

Cheetah was grabbed from the back by T.O. Morrow, and she flipped him over her head and raked his face with her claws. “Hands off, Frankenstein!” she said. A second punch left him stunned. She grabbed his baton and fired it at the cowering Spook. He yelled as energy blasted him.

At a mere gesture from Blossom, vines clutched the Super-Scavenger, who tore through them but did not cause her pain. She had moved beyond this weakness. He flew into Comet and pummeled him at super-speed. “You’re a real Superman,” grunted Adam Blake.

“I’m better! I’m the next generation,” crowed the Super-Scavenger. His smile faded to a look of awe as Lesla-Lar (Valor) suddenly crashed into the room. The Enchantress gasped as well.

“Sorry I’m late. Lyla told me where to find you,” said Valor. She slammed into the Super-Scavenger and fired heat-vision into his chest.

“You look like my lost love — the woman I owe my power to,” he muttered.

“I remember you from — from watching Supergirl!” cried Valor as she kneed him below the belt.

She was grabbed by a powerful red-and-black-clad blonde. “I am Knockout!” she roared as she choked the Kandorian.

“Not that easy,” said Goldstar (Karin Grace) as she followed Lesla. She gestured, and energy blasted out of the star-band. It hit Knockout and sent her crashing into the floor.

Golden Glider and Dolphin fought the furious winds generated by the Red Tornado as he swirled around the chamber. Karin flicked her wrist, and several little pink beings charged at her command. They beat their way through his storm and held him down by sheer mass of numbers.

“Excellent, my Starlings,” said Goldstar.

“Karin, keep those… Starlings, did you call them? …on the Tornado while we stop this operation for good,” ordered Comet who blasted the fleeing Enchantress with a mental blast. She yelled a spell and swirled away in the magical cloak. With her disappeared the angry Knockout, the Super-Scavenger, and Star Sapphire. Killer Frost had not been seen at this base. Dolphin and Cheetah took stock of the fight. Hyena, Spook, Morrow, Starstriker, and Floronic Man were captured.

“I know the woman as the Enchantress from seeing her fight Supergirl,” said Valor.

Comet smiled at hearing the troubled Lesla refer to Supergirl as a separate being. That was progress.

“I also know her,” said Dolphin.

“The Floronic Man did something to May. Look at her,” insisted Cheetah.

“Blossom is unharmed. Blossom likes her new ascension,” she replied.

“Do you know this Super-Scavenger guy?” asked Captain Comet.

Valor nodded. “He was a romantic interest of Supergirl’s and gained duplicate powers to hers.”

The Red Tornado lay still. “He seems shut down,” said Glider.

“Bring him along with the villains. I hope I can restore him,” said Comet.

“Who was Knockout? She packed a mean punch,” said Valor.

“I don’t know, but with the three of them out there with more allies like Star Sapphire and Killer Frost, we’ll hear more from this newest version of the Secret Society of Super-Villains. I’m sure of it,” said Comet.

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