DC Universe: Deus ex Machina, Epilogue: Do Only Good

by Libbylawrence

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Back in Boston, Lois Lane had accepted her reward and was packing her bags, when she frowned while pondering her recent actions. “I can’t understand what force drove me to take the silk hood away from Len while he was telling his story back at the hospital,” she said. “I know I no longer feel compelled to wear it, but something led me to steal it. Weird as it sounds, I can’t find it now.”

Down the hall in another room, another female journalist packed her own bags and smiled as she held up a silk hood. “Do only good,” she said. “That shall be my creed.”


Aboard the JLA Satellite, Superman, the Atom, Steel, Zatanna, Batman, the Flash, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman stood before a new statue in their hall of honor. “By unanimous agreement, we grant posthumous membership in the JLA to the Unimaginable for his valor and his sacrifice,” said Superman, pointing to a golden statue. “This statue represents the form he last wore before his death or apparent destruction.”

He turned to the others and said, “One final matter of business. I propose we grant Starman membership in the team as well. He is known to us and has proven himself on more than one occasion. I suggest we put it to a vote and then make the offer, if that is the verdict.”

The others agreed and cast their votes in the shadow of the statue of the fallen Unimaginable. Perhaps the invisible being realized this honor had finally been given to him, and just maybe somewhere he was happy at last.

The End

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