DC Universe: Invasion, Book 2, Epilogue: Orders

by Martin Maenza

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Beneath the frozen surface of Pluto, a Gordanian officer entered the lab where two Dominators were experimenting on yet another human subject. “What isss it?” hissed one of the yellow-skinned aliens. The red disk on his forehead was larger than that of the other, indicating his higher position in the race’s caste system.

“You need any more provisions or equipment from the main base?” asked the reptilian alien in gold.

“Why asssk that?” the Dominator replied.

“Word is that Warworld is moving!

“On whossse ordersss?”

“Whoever’s in charge! The word is that we’re spending too much time attempting to take the Earth in small doses. Warworld is going to move in place to employ the more powerful weapons! I guess they, whoever they are, are willing to do whatever it takes to control this planet! Why this one planet is so important, though, is beyond me.” And with that, the Gordanian left.

“What if we need more tessst sssubjectsss?” asked the lower-ranking Dominator.

The Dominator with the larger circle checked a monitor. “We ssstill have hundredsss to experiment on. Our ssstudiesss of this meta-gene have already yielded fruit. I think we can sssufficiently create an army of sssuperhuman warriorsss per the leadersss’ inssstructionsss.”

“Do you think the Warworld will eradicate the remaining inhabitantsss of that world?”

“Why ssshould we care? We’ve been given the chanccce to ssstudy them and advanccce our knowledge. That’s why we sssigned on for thisss misssion, anyway. What’sss one more raccce exterminated in the name of ssscience?

On the table, the brown-haired beauty’s eyes snapped open in terror. She’d been under some form of anesthesia that slowly had worn off. Carlotta Rivera, the model from Spain, had overheard the last bit of the aliens’ conversation. She wanted to jump up and strike them, but she was tied down by restraints. She wanted to scream out, but her mouth was muffled by a breathing apparatus.

The Earth was about to be attacked by this Warworld, and there was nothing she or anyone else on the space prison could do to warn them.

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