The Flash: Terminal Velocity, Chapter 19: Jailbreak

by Hitman 44077

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Doctor Alchemy and Lady Rogue continued their travels within the van Manfred Mota dispatched to them, even as Ira West remained trapped in his frozen prison. “None of them had a chance, Alchemy,” Rogue said, content with how things were working in their favor. “Even the father of that harlot Iris West was easy to capture.”

“I feel the same as you, lady,” Alchemy said with a smirk as he turned left and headed toward Mota’s meeting spot. “‘Course, I never faced the speedster as often as others did. I’m just waiting for West’s reaction to all of this.”

“As long as he’s put to death, I don’t care,” Lady Rogue said coldly. “As long as I have Barry, nothing matters.”

Doctor Alchemy slowed down as he approached Mota’s meeting place. Once he spotted Mota’s war wagon, he parked the van. Turning to Lady Rogue, Doctor Alchemy spoke. “Let’s unload our guest and see what’s next.” Together, Lady Rogue and Doctor Alchemy removed the block of ice containing Ira West and pushed it toward the war wagon.

The doors of the war wagon opened, and Manfred Mota stood. “Very good, you two,” Mota said as he watched his associates push the frozen prisoner aboard the war wagon. Once the block of ice was secured inside the war wagon, Mota continued to speak to his partners in crime. “This has been something I’d planned for years,” Mota said triumphantly. “We’ve attacked nearly everyone that meant something to the Flash. It’s time to finally bring an end to the scarlet speedster, but not before I have words with him. I owe him that much.”

“Yeah, well, don’t underestimate him, Mota. Sometimes that speedster can outrace death,” Doctor Alchemy cautiously said.

“I know… more than I’d like to admit,” Mota said, his voice drifting off, as if this was a lesson he’d learned the hard way. He quickly refocused on the matter at hand. “Anyway, dispose of the van, Alchemy. You and Lady Rogue will journey with Barry Allen and I to the only place fit to destroy the legend of the Flash.”

As Lady Rogue and Manfred Mota entered the war wagon, Doctor Alchemy removed his Philosopher’s Stone from its holster and used it to transform the van into helium, which dissipated quickly. “Not bad if I say so myself,” Alchemy said as he entered the war wagon. Once Alchemy was inside the vehicle, Mota shut the doors and began to drive off toward the place he saw as the final stand for the Flash — the Flash Museum.


Elsewhere, the Flash arrived at the home of his grandfather, Ira West. He spotted the front door slightly open. “I’m hoping I’m wrong, but this doesn’t look good,” he said as he pushed the door wide open. Walking inside the home, he immediately spotted the message etched into the wall next to the door. “I was right, damn it. ‘You’re Next, West.’ This maniac has my grandfather and Fran. Odds are this guy has my parents, too.”

The Flash stood briefly, thinking of the lives of his loved ones as well as the people that meant a great deal to Barry Allen. “In the two years I’ve worn this costume, I’ve dealt with a lot of mistakes and growing up. And now, with death looming closer, I’ve got to make what I have left count, and that means stopping this menace. I pray they’re still alive. I can’t fail them or this city.” Flash exited his grandfather’s home and sped off, knowing what he had to do.


The war wagon driven by Manfred Mota ventured out onto one of Central City’s main streets and began to pick up speed. “You sure this is safe, Mota?” Ross Malverk said cautiously on Mota’s passenger side.

“Relax, Barry,” Mota said, still careful not to alert Lady Rogue of her would-be lover’s true identity. “This wagon can withstand most impacts, and there’s no damage to us… or the hostages.”

“That’s good to know,” Ross said nervously. “Do you think you broke West’s spirit?”

Mota paused for a moment before answering. “When you strip an opponent of his loved ones, and you strip him of his dignity, then, yes I do believe I’ve broken the Flash’s spirit. But I refuse to count him out.”

The war wagon sped faster, even as it approached its target. “Alchemy, Rogue, and Barry,” Mota ordered sternly, “brace yourselves. We’re about to reach our destination.” The three villains placed their seat belts over their bodies and were prepared for the impact. Their captives were secured safely as well.

With a final burst of speed, Mota approached the Flash Museum and managed to drive his war wagon through one of the museum walls. The massive wreck almost immediately stopped, even as Dexter Myles spotted the vehicle. “Great Jehosephat!” Dexter said before running toward an alarm.

As he made his way to the alarm, the doors of the war wagon opened, and Doctor Alchemy jumped forth, his Philosopher’s Stone in hand. “Ah-ah-ahh, old geezer,” Alchemy said, firing a blast from his weapon at the Flash Museum curator. The blast struck Dexter even as he managed to set the Museum alarm off.

“Damn, I wasn’t fast enough!” Alchemy exclaimed as Dexter transformed into a wooden statue.

“On the contrary, your actions have only helped our cause, Alchemy,” Mota said, stepping forth from his war wagon. “Now, then. Remove the hostages from the vehicle, along with Lady Rogue and Barry Allen.”

“All right, Mota,” Alchemy said as he walked back to the war wagon and his associates.

Together, the three foes removed all of the hostages they’d taken over the past three days, among them Robert and Mary West, Henry and Nora Allen, Troy and Mack Nathan, Cecile Horton, Daphne Dean, Rita Desmond, and their latest victim, Ira West. The villains placed them next to the wooden figure of Dexter Myles, and once the hostages were secured so that none could escape, they approached Mota. “The police should be here any time, Mota,” Lady Rogue said, reaching for her flame gun.

“All I desire from you and Doctor Alchemy is to draw the Flash to this museum. Barry will join you, though he’ll be hidden until the right moment,” Mota said calmly. “Don’t kill him — I want him to know why I hate him. Understand?”

“Loud and clear,” Alchemy said, a sinister grin beginning to form on his face.

“Barry, we’ll take care of him,” Lady Rogue said as she approached the man she thought was her former fiancé. She hugged and kissed the man before finishing her words. “I won’t let the Flash take you from me again!”

“Thank you, Fiona,” Ross said in his most sincere voice. His smile was strained as he waved to the woman whom he wanted nothing more than to kill. Together, Lady Rogue and Doctor Alchemy exited the Flash Museum through its entrance and prepared to face anyone who stood in their way.

“It gets harder and harder for me to restrain my hatred of that woman, Mota,” Ross said, spitting from his lips the lingering kiss he’d just received. “How much longer?”

“Once the speedster is dead, you’ll be free to do what you want with her. Just play your part to perfection, Malverk. That’s all I ask,” Mota said. “Now you need to prepare for your part in all of this. Don’t show yourself until the Flash arrives. The sight of you inside that costume should push him to his emotional limit.”

“Will do, Mota,” Ross said with a sneer as he headed for the Museum’s exit.

“If I have my way, the Flash won’t be the only thing that dies in this city today. One thing at a time, however,” Mota mused as he turned toward his hostages.


Minutes later at Central City Police Headquarters, a police officer wearing a cap entered the precinct and watched as several officers moved in quick fashion. “Hey, you!” one officer yelled at the fellow officer.

“Yes?” the man said, adjusting his cap.

“Find your partner and get in a squad car. There’s trouble at the Flash Museum!” the officer barked.

“What kind of trouble?” the man asked, a hint of intrigue coming forth.

“I don’t know, but it can’t be good. Now, are you coming or not?” the officer said urgently.

“I’m here to watch the prisoners, friend,” the man said, trying not to concern himself with the conversation. “Sorry.”

“You sure? I thought Ramirez was on duty,” the officer said, some suspicion coming to light.

Before the officer could respond, a third officer approached the two men. “C’mon, Reg. We’re supposed to rendezvous with the officers at the Central City Cemetery and brief them,” the man said to his partner.

“OK, Ken, but you do the talking this time. I don’t want Captain Frye taking his anger out on me again,” Reg said cautiously.

As the two officers left for their vehicle, the officer wearing a cap approached the prison cells and, with minimal effort, unlocked the door leading to them. The few officers left inside the police precinct never noticed.

The officer made his way down the prison corridor and caught the conversation of the two prisoners held within. “Feeling better, Al, old pal?” the sarcastic voice of Len Snart rang aloud.

“Not really, Len. My sleep wasn’t too restful,” Albert Desmond said angrily. “But believe me when I say you’re not at the top of my list.”

“Keep it down, you two,” a guard spoke sharply. “I want some quiet time while I have the chance.”

The officer with his cap stopped at the entrance to the cells and spotted the prison guard. The guard was surprised to see he had company. “What are you doing here?” the guard said, stunned.

“I’m here to relieve you,” the officer said.

The guard picked up his chart and began going over it. As the guard did that, the officer pulled out a gun with a silencer and aimed it at the guard’s chest. “I’m not supposed to be relieved… not till–” the guard started to say until the officer fired his gun. The bullet pierced the guard’s chest and heart, even as the guard hardly had time to react. The officer fired the gun again, aiming at the guard’s head, and lodging a bullet into the brain of the guard.

Len Snart and Albert Desmond both witnessed the crime committed in front of them and were understandably disturbed by what had just transpired. “My God!” Albert Desmond yelled, rattled by the sight.

“What the hell is this about?!” Snart demanded.

The officer removed his cap and placed it over the dead guard’s face. “The two of you need to keep quiet, for all our sakes!” The officer pulled another gun from his pocket and fired it at the prison cell locks. The weapon emitted a fast-acting acid that ate through the locks.

“The two of you are going to help me — understand?” the officer demanded, rather than asked.

“Help you?! You murdered that guard!” Albert said in anger.

“I have my methods. Don’t question them,” the officer said coldly. “As for your aid, I think you’d want to help your wife.”

“What?! What do you know about Rita? Are you working for Alvin, too?” Albert asked.

“Wow, a clue!” Snart said in mock surprise. “A regular mystery begins to unravel. ‘And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for that mangy dog!'”

“Shut up, Snart,” Albert said.

“I don’t work for your wife’s kidnapper. Just the opposite. I’ve been hunting one of those involved, however. A man named Ross Malverk owes me a great deal, but until now, the odds have been on his side. The two of you will help me even the score,” the officer said, pushing open the cell doors with his foot.

“I don’t think so,” Snart said, folding his arms. “I don’t take orders from anyone.”

“I haven’t the time or patience to deal with your words,” the officer said with no emotion. “I could kill you here, but I don’t think you want that.”

“And what do I want?” Snart demanded.

“To destroy the Flash, of course. Your latest defeat was perhaps your most humiliating, was it not?” the officer said while Snart stood silently, as he remembered his encounter with the Flash three days previous. “So?” he finally answered.

“Others seek to kill the Flash, Snart,” the officer said, playing on Snart’s emotions. “Doctor Alchemy, Lady Rogue, even Ross Malverk himself seek to do what the self-professed greatest rogue has failed to accomplish. Isn’t that your birthright?”

“Yeah. Yeah it is,” Snart admitted.

“So… you’ll join us?” the officer asked.

“I’ll help… until the others are stopped. Besides, there’s other things I want to do before I kill the Flash myself,” Snart said, as he remembered the phone conversation he’d had a few weeks before with his sister. He’d learned that he’d been impersonated by a criminal, and he knew he had to take care of this impostor before he could carry on with revenge against the Flash.

“That’s good to hear,” the officer said with a small smile as he reached into his pocket and pulled two small gas masks. He handed one to each man. “Put those on. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” the officer said as he walked toward a ventilation shaft and placed a knockout gas bomb inside. The two men placed their masks over their faces. The bomb went off and filled the entire police station with the gas, even as the officer donned a mask himself. He headed back for Snart and Albert and addressed them.

“Let’s go to the evidence room. I need Captain Cold and Mister Element,” the officer ordered.

“I don’t have a gun, pal. The Flash destroyed it a few days ago in our last encounter,” Snart said.

“I’ll do anything I can to save Rita… and to stop Alvin,” Albert said, determined. “But don’t you dare cross me. I’m going to keep an eye on you after what you did to that prison guard.”

“Fair enough… partner,” the officer said slyly.

Together, the three men headed toward the evidence room. There, Albert Desmond and Len Snart located their super-villain costumes and clothed themselves in their namesake uniforms. Mister Element located his elemental gun as Captain Cold scrounged around for weapons to use. He finally decided on several firearms, despite the fact that they weren’t the same as his cold gun. Once they were prepared for their battle, the three villains exited Central City Police Headquarters and began their trek toward the Flash Museum, being careful not to be discovered by any random police in the meantime.

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