The Flash: Terminal Velocity, Epilogue: Flash Vanishes

by Hitman 44077

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Central City, one hour later:

Thanks to Albert Desmond, the police officers at the Flash Museum had been restored to normal. Unfortunately, the victory was bittersweet due to the sacrifice of the Flash. Not only did the officers converge at the sight of Flash’s battle with Manfred Mota, but all who’d been kidnapped by Mota converged there as well.

Mary West had discovered the Flash costume worn by her son, cradling it as she wept. Her husband Robert did what he could to comfort her, but he’d lost his son as well. He wept quietly, holding his wife in his arms.

Ira West stood near his son and daughter-in-law, his emotional pain evident. He’d not only lost his wife years before, but a daughter and a man he thought of as highly as his own son, the same man his daughter had married. Now, to lose a grandson as well… all Ira could do was weep.

Nora and Henry Allen stood near Ira, staring at him, then at Mary and Robert West. They understood, more than anyone present, the loss of a son, especially when they saw the crimson costume worn by Wally West. They looked down at the Flash costume in Nora’s arms, their own reminder of the sacrifice their son made, and the pain grew deeper.

Others looked on nearby. Captain Darryl Frye placed a sports jacket on the shoulders of Cecile Horton even as their own memories of Wally West continued to flow. To Darryl, he’d been a trusted friend, someone he could turn to, despite how far apart they were in age. To Cecile, there were feelings she’d dare never share with him out of respect for the love he had with his girlfriend. Mack and Troy Nathan hadn’t known Wally that well, but they felt the loss as well, as did Daphne Dean, Dexter Myles, and the Desmonds.

Witnesses to the final battle shared their information with the police, detailing that a nuclear bomb had been detonated by the armor-clad enemy, and only the Flash’s super-speed saved the city, leaving an amount of lead the size of a small car. They also pointed toward the still red-hot street where Manfred Mota sank.

It was apparent that Flash gave his life for the city he loved. He’d fallen to the ground when a flash of light appeared, leaving only his costume as a reminder of the sacrifice he’d made. However, if he did die, then where was his body? That was a question no one knew the answer to.

Despite the grim news, the newspapers of the city following the story decided to stick with the known facts, rather than just speculate. They decided to go with the headline of Flash Vanishes, no matter how slim the chance was that the scarlet speedster could still be alive. Their decision would prove to be the most important for all concerned.

Continued in The Flash: Back to Speed

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