Justice League of America: 1985: Breaking the Mold, Epilogue, 1987: Keeping in Touch

by Martin Maenza

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Dale Gunn remembered being very proud of the young heroes that day. The Elongated Man and Zatanna had both sung their praises over dinner that night. Still, Dale’s smile faded a bit as he thought of the others.

Gypsy, Vixen, and Vibe — all three were gone, having become stranded shortly after that case on that other Earth during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Earth where Steel’s grandfather had originally been born. (*) The man wondered how the trio was doing and if they were all right. There was little he could do to reach out to them.

[(*) Editor’s note: See The Suicide Squad: The Price of Redemption, Chapter 1: Formations.]

But there was still something he could do.

Dale Gunn reached for his Rolodex and found a card with a certain phone number on it. He snatched up the handset of his phone and punched in the digits on the keypad. A familiar voice answered on the other end after the third ring.

“Hank!” Dale said. “How are you, son? Doing good? Yeah, I know, it’s been a long time! Too long!” And for the next hour or so, Dale caught up with the young man. Before they finished talking, he promised to stay in touch more frequently.

The End

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