Justice League of America: The Beginning of the Ennead, Prologue: Three Times Three

by HarveyKent

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Continued from Justice League of America: Coming of the Terroristic Triad

Hawkman sat at the control panel of the communications console in the JLA Satellite. He was garbed in his full super-hero costume, but his helmet lay on the table beside him. His keen eyes scanned the monitors, his sharp ears attuned to the sound of the alarm. He had been on monitor duty for two hours now, and in that time he had been alerted of a sinking ocean liner in the Mediterranean (he had dispatched Green Lantern to handle it) and an attack on the British Museum by Felix Faust (Superman had apprehended him). He was sure there would be more trouble before his shift was over.

“Incoming teleportation,” the Justice League computer announced. “Identity confirmed as Green Arrow.”

A small smile crossed the Thanagarian’s face. In moments he heard his longtime comrade’s steps on the metal floor.

“Hey, Hawky,” Green Arrow said, walking into the room. He carried a paper grocery bag under one arm. “How’s everything?”

“A typical evening, so far,” Hawkman said. “I’m glad of the company.”

“Yeah, well, not much doing at home, with Dinah’s bachelorette party tonight,” Green Arrow said, tossing his hat onto an empty chair. “And Star City’s been thankfully quiet lately.”

“I hope Dinah enjoys her party as much as you did yours,” Hawkman said, with a sly smile.

“Yeah, you got me, all right,” Green Arrow said chidingly. “I still owe you for that one. All set for a game?”

“Definitely,” Hawkman said, turning his attention away from the monitors. “I still have to get even from the last — Oliver, what’s this?” Hawkman asked, seeing what Green Arrow removed from the bag.

“It’s Trivial Pursuit,” Green Arrow said. “What we always play.”

“It looks different,” Hawkman said. “The box is a different color.”

“Oh, yeah; this is the Baby Boomer edition,” Green Arrow said. “All the questions are based on American history and culture from the end of World War II to the present. I thought we’d shake it up a bit, try some new questions.”

“Oliver, is that really fair?” Hawkman asked. “I mean, you grew up amid this culture, and I only emigrated here little more than a decade ago.”

“Oh, yeah,” Green Arrow said, setting up the board. “Well, if you get stuck, try guessing The Ed Sullivan Show, Paul McCartney, or six.”

Hawkman raised an eyebrow.


The room was dark. The only light came from nine candles flickering on a table as they stood in a row. A lone figure stood on one side of the table, nine other figures on the opposite side. All the figures were female.

“Do you understand what we do here tonight, Sisters?” the lone figure asked.

“We do,” the nine chanted in unison.

“Are you prepared to do whatever is necessary to obtain our objective?”

“We are,” the nine chanted.

“Will anything stop us from completing our self-appointed mission?”

“Nothing!” nine voices swore.

“Then go forth, my sacred Sisters!” the lone figure commanded. “My mighty ennead, my three times three, my circle of sisterhood, my emissaries of the Triple Goddess! Go, and reap the rewards so earnestly due us! Go!

And the nine went.

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