Justice League of America: Games, Epilogue: Forgotten Heroes

by Libbylawrence

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The assembled Justice League of America gathered at the JLA Satellite to explain the case to Lois Lane, Gil Baxter, James W. Gordon, Tom Kalmaku, Henry Harding, and Linda Park, who had been used as pawns by the villains. The victims had been brought back by the heroes after Superman’s group had returned from space and the others had completed some final duties in Empire City.

“All our scans indicate that you all are fine and completely free from any control by either the Key’s psycho-chemicals or Despero’s mental influence,” said the Martian Manhunter. “You will be glad to know the entire group of criminals behind the plot has been imprisoned in one way or another.”

“But who were those new heroes in Empire City?” asked Lois. “There’s definitely a story there. Some of them may even be potential new Justice League members.”

Superman smiled and said, “They seem to have vanished immediately afterward. Who knows? They may turn out to be more like forgotten heroes!

The End

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