Legion of Super-Heroes: To Rule a World, Epilogue: Enter Reflecto

by Libbylawrence

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The Emerald Empress and her Eye of Ekron were turned over to the authorities. Once separated from her Eye, the sultry Empress was merely a cunning but normal woman. In her cell on Labyrinth, the prison world, she slowly regained her old composure.

That nightmare Dream Girl planted in my mind was so real! she thought. I saw myself eons from now, as a crone kept alive only by the Eye’s power. I was truly a slave to the Eye! I could not stand that vision. I know it is false, but it still crippled me. I never knew she had such power or the ruthlessness to use it. It is a lesson learned.


Back at Legion Headquarters, Dream Girl and the others received the thanks of the president of Earth and his governors for saving the planet and doing much to repair the damages done by the Emerald Empress. “We owe all to you as usual,” said President Mojai Desai. “You have our appreciation.” His aide Vid-Gupta nodded in approval.

Oh, yes. We owe you much, Legion. The debt will be paid in full! thought the man who was truly their old foe, Universo.

Dream Girl smiled winningly. “We thank you. We are glad to serve.”

As Saturn Girl led the dignitaries away from the complex, Dream Girl suffered another headache. She nodded slowly. Excellent. This mortal body has stopped fighting my influence. Soon, I shall be able to use her as I hoped!


Elsewhere in the base, Mon-El stood beside the golden-costumed Reflecto. “He helped us during the rescue missions, and while I know we need to learn more about him, I’d say if he checks out, we should induct him on the basis of battlefield inclusion,” he said.

Reflecto smiled winningly. “I’ll gladly tell you all you want to know about me. I’d be honored to join your ranks!”

Element Lad nodded. “As leader, I’d like to add a powerhouse like you to our team. We’ll need to discuss a few things first at our next meeting.”

“Certainly,” said Reflecto. “I know you can’t be too careful. And I couldn’t be more charmed to meet you, lovely lady!” He said this with a slight bow as Shrinking Violet entered from the gym.

She stared at him for a moment, then smiled as he took her hand. “Thank you. Manners like yours are rare these days outside of Orando,” she replied.

Sun Boy had just entered as well, and he blinked at the sight in concern. Huh? After that visit Vi paid, I thought we were ready to be an item. Oh, well. I can always call Gigi, he thought. Dirk Morgna whistled a tune and walked out in search of Officer Cusimano. He was confident that he could win over the officer, even though he had not seen her socially in weeks.

Thus another global crisis was averted while more personal dilemmas began to come into play for the heroic team.

The End

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