The New Titans: Fragments, Chapter 4: Children of the Sun

by Libbylawrence

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Elsewhere, a beautiful young woman slept in Olympian splendor. Her long, light red hair framed delicate and lovely features that were now contorted in worry and fear as she tossed fitfully under gossamer sheets.

Rising, she pressed her hands to her face. She was used to such dreams and knew very well how accurate her precognitive visions often were. Steeling herself for what must come, she smoothed down the silver shift she had customarily worn ever since her ascension to Olympus. Tying silvery sandals on her bare feet, she hurried through the splendor of lost Olympus to find those who could help her.

Turning a corner, the demigoddess passed ornate columns and magical pools until she found the palace of great Zeus himself. She was well known and thus was allowed to enter without any introductions as she presented herself before the throne room door of the king of Olympus.

Zeus sat regally next to his beautiful bride Hera, and beside him sat his own sire, the Titan called Chronos. Ever since the Titans of myth had been freed from their long imprisonment, they had lived in harmony with their Olympian heirs. Zeus smiled in affectionate greeting as the pretty woman entered. As she curtseyed out of respect, he said, “My child, speak what thoughts disturb your brow.”

“I have had dire visions of terrible danger to Earth and to us all,” said the young demigoddess. “They center around… my mother, Thia. Her legions of other children hold powerful positions throughout the Earth, mayhaps throughout space itself. They seek to restore her. These other Children of the Sun — these demigods and demigoddesses — are a danger to all. I beg you let me return to Earth and stop them. I seem all too strongly linked to them, and feel that the responsibility for stopping their madness should be mine.”

Zeus was silent for a moment before he spoke. “’Twas ever my goal for you to remain here among us. However, there is a ring of truth to what you say. ‘Tis right that you seek out and end the threat of Thia’s other, less-benign offspring. I grant you this boon: return to Earth and use your gifts to stop the Children of the Sun, then return to us when you will, dear maiden.”

The beauty named Lilith Clay smiled in appreciation and prepared to return to Earth.


Donna Troy shook her head. She had raced into the building just in time to see Doctor Light vanish in the arms of an elegantly dressed pair. “He escaped, yet he seemed frightened of his rescuers,” she said. “They weren’t wearing the Light emblem, but they could still want him dead.”

The Flash nodded. “I wonder if they left any type of energy signature when they transported that we might trace?”

“You sound like a physics student, all right,” said Hawk.

Arsenal and Robin greeted them. “I found more than just a would-be assassin,” said a pale Arsenal. “Cheshire — that’s her name. She and I go back a bit. The fact is, we were involved. She claims that we have a daughter named Lian.”

“You’re joking!” gasped Donna.

“And I thought I was fast,” the Flash said sheepishly.

“Well, you always say you never miss,” laughed Hawk.

“Okay, guys, that’s enough,” sputtered Arsenal. “There are kids in shorts around here.”

Robin grinned. “She was pretty tough, too.”

“Donna, I have to check this out,” said Roy Harper. “Since the authorities will hold Jade — that’s her given name — then I have to do the right thing and… raise my child.”

“Listen, pal, we’ll help you locate her,” assured the Flash. “Even at my current reduced speed, I can provide doorstep delivery.”

The Titans walked out slowly, with much to consider.

“You know,” muttered Hawk, “those creeps didn’t even give us a good workout.”


Gar Logan was joking incessantly, and weakly, as he explained to his friend Cyborg his need to leave. “I need a break,” he said. “School is getting me down, so I can be closer to my grade point average. Mrs. Wormwood has it in for me.”

Vic Stone sat up suddenly in his hospital bed. “I know when you’re tellin’ a lie, Logan. You turn a sorta off-green, like bad cabbage. What’s really goin’ down?”

Gar hesitated before replying, “I… may have a lead on Steve Dayton’s location. Questor traced his financial use of certain resources to a Greek island.”

Cyborg frowned as he slowly and painfully began to get out of bed. “So when do we leave?”

“You don’t, Vic!” said Gar. “You need to rest, to recover. It was my fault that you got so banged up to begin with.”

“I’m my own man, slash PCU,” said Cyborg with a shrug. “It wasn’t your fault. You can’t help the actions of Dayton just ’cause he’s family. I mean, look at me. My pop was so into science that he messed me up through that inter-dimensional research he did. Other folks died then, too, as well as a bit later when that thing tried to get back here. I blamed him, but even then it was just an accident. He never meant to hurt anybody. Same goes for Dayton. He’s ill. That don’t mean he’s free of any responsibility, but it sure means that you don’t have to carry his burden for him.”

Gar grinned. “You’re a regular Dr. Joyce Brothers — or is that Dr. the Neville Brothers?”

“Either way, I’m with you,” said Vic with a nod of his bruised head.


“Oh, she’s adorable,” cooed Donna Troy as Roy Harper cradled his nine-month-old daughter, Lian.

Roy grinned. “Yeah. She has my looks — and her mother’s manners.”

“I think you need to hold her head up a bit more,” said Robin.

Ignoring the family moments, Hawk walked over to join Wally West and Garth as they labored over a strange device.

“Being around Barry and Jay helped me some, but I wonder if this thing can actually detect the energy generated by the transporting thugs so we can trace them — or if it just makes a good toasted cheese,” said Wally as his hands raced over the device.

Garth smiled. He hadn’t felt much like talking since Tula’s death, but while he was with these longtime friends, he didn’t feel it necessary to say much.

“Talk, talk, talk,” challenged Hawk. “Come on, run something other than your mouth, West.”

“Witty banter between you and Nubia,” said Wally. “That I would like to see.”

“Is she really sincere about representing Diana?” asked Donna, joining them.

Wally nodded as he flipped a switch. “She has that no-nonsense Amazon demeanor, but I think she cared for Diana and wants to carry on her crusade. Not that I wouldn’t feel just as annoyed if some rarely seen cousin showed up to be Barry’s successor.”

Donna agreed. Still, she knew she needed to meet Nubia face to face to settle things. Technically, Nubia was her sister, too, even if she hardly knew her.

“Hey, it shows a faint energy trace, but how can you track the end of it?” asked Hawk.

“Flash’ll just run to the end before it fades,” piped up Robin.

With a grin, Flash ruffled the boy’s hair. “Well said, Boy Wonder.”

“Uh… anybody know how to change a diaper?” asked Roy. “Is a kid this age even still in diapers?”

The Flash took off at top speed as Donna rolled her eyes and rose to the occasion to help her troubled friend.

“Diapers!” said Hawk. “Next thing you know, we’ll be starting a Tiny Titans daycare!

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