The New Titans: Fragments, Chapter 5: Regrouping in Greece

by Libbylawrence

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Joe Wilson sat by the bedside of Kole Weathers. The lovely and vulnerable redhead was healing slowly from her ordeal in the Crisis, and Joe was falling for her with a greater speed. He signed slowly, and she smiled as she began to recognize his gestures.

“Yes, I am eager to get out. Hospital food is a big letdown after Olympian meals,” she laughed.

A figure materialized within the room.

It was Lilith Clay. She wore a very short tunic and silver sandals, but otherwise looked the same as she had before finding her mother Thia, who was a Titan of myth bent on conquest.

It was Thia who had imprisoned Kole and forced her to use her crystal-spinning powers in her service. Thus, Kole felt a bit uneasy around the sensitive psychic.

“Kole, I come here to seek your aid, along with yours, Joseph. I need the Titans to help me stop the Children of the Sun — my siblings — from restoring our mad mother,” she said.

Joe blinked as the girl wasted no words or time on deeper explanations. Then again, all her young life she had merely appeared or disappeared as need drove her to do. He indicated that he would help.

Lilith bent low over Kole, and a bright light covered the girl. She rose seconds later, fully recovered. “You healed me!” she gasped.

Tossing back her red-gold hair, Lilith said, “My birthright as a daughter of Olympus allows me to use the sun to heal, as well as to trace my siblings. I am still getting accustomed to my new role as a goddess.”

Joe nodded. He hoped the woman before him knew exactly what she was doing. She was so painfully sensitive to all around her, and yet at times she could be almost single-minded in her wishes.

Kole said, “Take us where you will. I’m eager to see more of the world.”

Lilith smiled. “Then take my hand, and we shall locate our other allies.”


On a Greek isle, Doctor Light found himself in a large complex. He had been rescued (or abducted, rather) by the very group Lilith sought to stop. The so-called Children of the Sun also had acquired the services and rare energy-regenerating metal called promethium from Mento, alias Steve Dayton. The two made odd allies.

“I can recreate my early light generation inventions, but I’ll need an amazingly powerful source of constantly renewing energy,” said Light as he tried to recall the nuances of the alien science he had stolen long before.

Dayton said, “Bah! The promethium is ever self-sustaining. It can power your devices ’til doomsday.”

A woman in black smiled. Her calculations were accurate, as always. With the resources assembled, they would soon restore their lost mother Thia, and then a world would be theirs for the taking.


The Flash tracked the fading energy trail across the waters to an isle near Greece. He saw a large complex with the logo of a man in a chariot. Phaeton Industries was the name around the logo.

Phaeton, the mythical son of Apollo. All these light and sun images fit our enemies. Although I’m wondering if maybe I couldn’t get Arty out on my own, he mused.

Before he could react, he was struck down from behind by a solid light construct. He whirled around, only to gasp as he lost all of his air. He fell to the ground, unconscious, and was carried inside by more guards.

“This costumed hero spied more than was healthy for him,” said one.

“Do not fear. When they finish with him, he won’t be a problem,” replied his partner.


Back on the T-jet, Donna Troy watched a flashing signal.

“We’ve seen Wally’s signal stop. He’s at the apparent end of the energy source. Looks to be in Greece,” she said.

Aqualad agreed. “It is. I’ve been in those very waters. A trendy place for the wealthy and those who can buy their privacy.”

“Great. Now let’s go break some heads,” said Hawk.

Arsenal bounced Lian gently. He was enjoying the new sensations of fatherhood even before he had fully grasped all of its implications. Some part of him even felt sorry for Jade. She had given him the location in which Lian was cared for when she realized her future looked grim. Wally had recovered the girl easily, yet so much had happened so fast that Roy Harper was uncertain what to do next.

Robin said, “Look — a new bulletin featuring Cat Grant says the government has formed a new team of rehabilitated villains to serve the nation under the leadership of Captain Comet. It says he and this team, the Rehab Squad, saved Superman recently from some plot.”

Hawk said, “So why’d Faraday drag us in if this new group works for the government?”

Donna listened to the news. “I applaud any addition to defenders of justice. Wally knows Comet, in fact.”

Arsenal said, “You know, that Dolphin is quite a looker.”

Garth nodded, intrigued by what he heard as they flew onward.

An incoming message reached their T-jet from the Flash. “Speedy, I’m going to check things out here solo. I’ll call you fellows if I need help,” he said.

Donna frowned as the message abruptly ended. “That certainly looked and sounded like Wally, but why’d he call you Speedy? Habit?” she said.

“Habit or more? I bet you think that was a faked hologram. Old Light could easily whip something like that up. Maybe the goons saw me back when they grabbed Light and obviously don’t know, as Wally does, that I changed names just a short while ago,” replied Roy.

Aqualad nodded. “Yes. Good thing you just happened to have an old flame in Greece who agreed to keep Lian for a while. Only you would be that lucky.”

Arsenal said, “I get around. Trina is a good kid. She’ll treat Lian great. I feel like a creep dumping the kid so fast after meeting her, but we can’t bring her into a fire-zone.”

Hawk said, “That’s the first reasonable thing I’ve heard all day. Never bring an innocent into a fight. People can die all too easily.”

Donna touched his arm. “Hank, Don died saving such an innocent. Don’t forget that.”

Hawk remained silent as they zoomed down.

“We’d better go in fast,” said Donna.

Robin said, “With so many Gotham criminals loose, I need to get back home, too. The Outsiders don’t always remain easy to summon, and Batman can’t fight the whole group of crooks solo.”

Donna said, “Thanks, Robin. You’ve helped us a lot. We won’t forget that. I’m sure that deep down Nightwing would appreciate it, too.”


Changeling yelped as Lilith appeared before him as he stepped out of the shower. “Yikes! Let a guy find a towel,” he sputtered as the beautiful goddess materialized.

Cyborg jumped up from the hallway. “You got company in there?” he said.

Lilith smiled. “Hello, Victor, Gar. I need your help in stopping the Children of Thia. I–” she began before dropping to her knees and holding her eyes.

“What’s wrong? Are you having a vision?” asked Kole as she and Jericho stepped forward.

“What’s she do? Run a bus service?” snapped Gar as he saw more of his friends appear.

“Yes, I see images… distorted images of monsters… Gar, at the center of all, I see Mento,” said Lilith as she smoothed down her tiny tunic and stood up.

“Mento? We’re headed for Greece to find him,” said Vic.

Lilith said, “That is well. Greece is where my siblings plan their newest evil. I fear from the nightmares and visions of late that Steve Dayton is deeply mixed up with them.”

“Then let’s go,” said a grim Gar.

Jericho signed, “I think we’d better hurry.”

Lilith nodded as the newly healed Kole was greeted and welcomed by Cyborg and Gar.

“Gar, perhaps I can bring peace to Dayton’s madness-darkened mind,” offered the lovely Lilith as they vanished.

Gar smiled weakly. “Thanks. Nice outfit, by the way; where’d you get it? Fredericks of Olympus?

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