Wonder Woman: Daughter of Mars, Epilogue: Forging New Roles

by Libbylawrence

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Several weeks later, Hippolytus and Queen Hippolyta strolled across the sandy shores of Science Island, enjoying their newfound relationship. Neither of them could exactly define how they could relate to one another after so long a time apart, but they were both determined to try. “I think of you as a friend already,” he said. “That is more than I’d imagined gaining.”

She kissed his cheek and said, “And I am delighted to know that the heroic part of your father lives on in one unspoiled by madness or hate.”


In Georgetown, an elegantly dressed Nubia sat across from a handsome black man. “John, I have decided that the risks are worth it,” she said. “I want a civilian identity of my own. Will you help me? I know as John Jones you managed rather well to forge such a role for yourself.”

The disguised Martian Manhunter leaned over and kissed her. “I will gladly help you in any way,” he said. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll adopt a new identity of my own and join you.”


Finally, back on Paradise island, Sofia Constantinos sat alone and pondered the events of the last few weeks. Since her angry scene with Wonder Woman, the Greek woman had calmed down enough until she had been able to rather sullenly accept both an apology and a ride back to the island from Nubia. Now she sat alone and called upon Athena for help.

“Athena, I have embraced the ways of the Amazons! Still, I cannot turn my back on the world beyond these shores. Will you please give me direction?” she pleaded.

A warm glow surrounded her, and the gray-eyed goddess of wisdom answered her pleas in a way she little expected, but that would be another story.

The End

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