Secret Origins: Superwoman: No Sanctuary

Secret Origins of Earth-3: The Five Earths Project

Secret Origins: Superwoman

No Sanctuary

by Libbylawrence

Queen Hippolyta of Sanctuary Isle, leader of the Amazons, reminisces about her headstrong daughter Diana and the events that led her to become the villainess of man’s world called Superwoman.

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  • Webmaster

    return of the lawless league(forflushers) as queen atlantia(superwomans e-4 counterpart) decided on abold stroke: to conquer e-3s sant island counterpart to her e-4s amazon island-whose impeerialism had been combated by e-4s heros) however aCE-darknight(in case you dont get my clever joke batman has a dog named aCE-donnie thorson industries in we stuff letters and books-privacy some of us cant read) worried this might tip their hand to the csa and awake a sleeping giant as had e-3s usa attack on japans pacific fleet on 12-7-41 after that japan=3 was known as the guy in the 3rd row

  • Cvt

    i got a story published on althist.wikia!!!! andy and lolly:sweet 16 hurry and read it before someone flags it

  • donnie thorson

    on earth-2 catwoman selena kyle wayne reformed, on earth-1 the relationship between batman and catwoman isnt that easy-its less easy than the relationship between csi and lady heather actually! on e-3 that relationship between drthomas wayne and ms kyle is off the charts-read on! enter lillith: after being left for dead by owlman, selena decided to battle on equal terms. adopting the amulet of the owlgoddess lillith which controlls owls tallons and wings,and allows due to mirror to see therough teh controlled owls to state revenge–fast forward the present,wayne manor